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Signs You Are Headed For Divorce

Nov 30th 2015 at 1:23 AM

Your marriage may be in serious trouble if you notice your partner’s complete lack of interest, withdrawal from family life, or increasingly disrespectful behavior.

Life isn’t like the tabloids. Relationships don’t always end after a stormy fight. Marriages are between real people with genuine hopes of love and growing old together. Then life happens. In the midst of it, partners don’t always see how serious problems have become.

After years of being together, it’s normal for spouses not to hang on each other’s every word like when they were first dating. It’s not a problem if your husband tunes out to watch an occasional football game on TV or your wife wants to spend a Friday night with her girlfriends instead of you. It is a problem when your spouse never seems to listen to you. If every phone call or work email is always more important than what you have to say, your marriage is in trouble. While healthy marriages involve partners with outside interests, it is not healthy to feel lonely all the time within yours.

Beyond not listening and interacting, is your spouse completely withdrawing from family life? It’s one thing if your husband is busy with a responsible, demanding job or if your wife is an accountant slogging through tax season. In those instances, occasionally missing out on family activities is par for the course. However, if your spouse is habitually gone in the morning before everyone else is awake and doesn’t come home until everyone is asleep, something’s up. You can’t singlehandedly keep your marriage going. Physical absence is emblematic of emotional detachment.

Perhaps the problem isn’t lack of contact, but consistently negative contact. Are conversations strained? Does any topic, even the weather, end in a heated argument? Or perhaps you’re on the receiving end of a steady stream of criticism. If you can’t seem to do anything right, the problem isn’t you. A spouse that doesn’t have anything positive to say in a marriage is poisoning the bond and destroying the relationship. Marriages need to be tended with mutual support and caring. If your partner no longer offers either of those, it indicates your marriage is crumbling.

If you notice any of these signs, try and raise your concerns with your spouse. Choose your time thoughtfully. For example, don’t start a conversation just before leaving for work in the morning. If your partner deflects your concerns or dismisses them outright, you need to re-evaluate your future together.

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Author Bio:-

Paul advises people on divorce and family law matters. You can find his thoughts at Wordpress blog.

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