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Significance Of Technology In Court Reporting

Sep 11th 2015 at 4:44 AM

When one thinks of a court reporter, the image that usually comes to mind is of a person typing away speedily on a machine that’s started smoking from the strain. Good or bad as it may have been, the scene has changed in the new era because of the dawn of technology. Stenography machines may have become obsolete but it hasn’t been completely replaced. The firms that provide court reporter services nowadays employ the latest technology to make their own work a little lighter so that it is finished in a stipulated timeframe. This enables them to take up more work.

It is important that whatever proceedings are going on in the court be reported just as they are, without errors and as efficiently as possible. A court reporter is skilled at typing fast, and knows shorthand and other writing/typing techniques that enable him to carry out his job properly. In times when technology was not so upgraded and widespread, stenographers produced transcripts that only their kind could read. These had to be then translated to produce a transcript of what happened in the courtroom. With the onset of technology revolution, things began to change, and real time courtroom reporting came into being.

Real time courtroom reporting is the kind of recording where the stenographer does what he does exactly the way he has been doing for so long. The interesting fact here is that this transcript is promptly converted into readable text right as it is getting typed. This is interesting because as the court reporter types, his shorthand text and notes are immediately converted into meaningful text which can be read by anyone and is also readily available. This special software is capable of circulating digitized copies of readable transcripts of the courtroom within seconds of it being spoken. The efficiency of courtroom reporting has risen up to heights that were otherwise not achievable with technology of old.

It increases the efficiency of the lawyers and others sitting in the courtroom also as it enable them to highlight important parts of the proceeding on their copy of the transcript even when the proceeding is still in progress. Imagine two scenarios – one where the lawyers are desperately scratching on the paper with their pencils trying to take down important notes; one where the same lawyers are sitting peacefully in front of their computer screens watching the transcript show on the screen, and marking the important points. Ease of access, efficiency and time saving has been inculcated in these courtroom proceedings, which are otherwise agonizingly slow. A court reporter skilled in these technologies is a useful tool in courtrooms. Nowadays a career in this field is promising enough to attract more and more candidates to take the examination that certifies and licences you for this profession. Court reporter service providing companies take pride in their technological prowess and their skilled manpower, and very rightfully so. In the age of technology, he who uses outdated methods is simply inefficient.

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