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Seven Mistakes To Avoid In An Rv Road Trip With Family Members

Sep 14th 2015 at 12:29 AM

Flash lights? Check!

Folding chairs? Check!

Graham crackers and marshmallows? Check!

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), a US-based motor federation, 76 percent of families prefer a road trip to any other form of traveling. After all, family road trips do have a unique set of benefits. Interstate traveling in used recreational vehicles (RV) is more cost-effective for a large family than taking a trip by rail or air. With different age group of people touring together, they can take frequent breaks whenever they feel the urge, whether it be to cook a small barbeque meal or gaze at the setting sun over the horizon. In fact, these little moments can serve the real purpose of the road trip – to improve the familial bonds.

Before potential RV buyers take the decision of purchasing the rig from a reputed broker, they need to realize that a road trip with different generations of family members will not result in a smooth ride every day. However, they can obviously stay away from making the most common mistakes during family road trips. This will ensure memories worth cherishing for a very long time.

Here are seven things you should avoid during a family road trip:

Mistake 1: Choosing the wrong RV size:

Often in a bid to save money, RV buyers end up purchasing a rig that is either too small or too big for their families. Buyers need to find reputed brokers online or in their locality, and go through their collection very carefully. They need to inform the broker about their family size and different requirements of each member. This will make it easier for the broker to suggest them the perfect Class A, B or C rig.

Mistake 2: Traveling during the peak seasons:

One of the biggest blunders during a road trip is to select a period that is a favorite of RV travelers. Crowds are an annoyance for everyone. Furthermore, camp site owners are also in a mood to boost business during the road trip seasons such as spring breaks. Campsites have huge tariff rates and roadside stalls sell goods at skyrocketing prices. Too many people around you can spoil the comfort level that your family needs to enjoy the trip.

Mistake 3: Booking the campsite late:

An increasing number of families are adopting the RV lifestyle. As a result, the campsites usually remain full. It can be a tricky business if you are planning to reach a campsite and then book a place. Stop acting like a vagabond bachelor when you have the responsibility of a family. A successful RV road trip requires prior planning of the route and the stopovers. If you know where you’re considering parking the rig for the night, why not book it beforehand? If your rig is a big one, it’s better to book two spots rather than squeezing it in a tight space.

Mistake 4: Excluding others in the planning process:

Not everything can be done alone, especially when it comes to chalking out the plan for a family trip. If you keep everything to yourself and ignore inputs from others, chances of a goof up are naturally higher. According to a research by hospitality brand Wyndham Group, over 50 percent of kids feel that they are better trip organizers than their parents are. Therefore, involve everyone in the planning process and combine every idea to come up with a unique schedule.

Mistake 5: Eating questionable food:

Even if you or some of your family members love gorging on street food, it’s not the smartest thing to do during an RV vacation. Down with food poisoning and raging a battle to get inside the single bathroom with your dearest is not a very desirable thing to do on a road trip. Avoid eating food whose ingredients you are not sure of, or is not stored hygienically. Avoid drinking tap water; instead buy bottles of packaged drinking water, as they are much safer.

Mistake 6: Forcing people to have fun:

The best memories are created when you’re not looking for them. Yes, a road trip is meant to be a fun time that your family can enjoy together. However, you might end up getting people riled up if you keep on reminding them about the ‘need’ to have fun. A road trip is more about soaking up nature than indulging in activities per say. Let things take their own turn. Traveling in an RV amid the beautiful countryside will soon lift their spirits up, and they will be able to enjoy the journey as they wish. For occasional engagements, don’t forget to pack some board games though.

Mistake 7: Spending all the time together:

Eating a meal with everyone sitting around the campfire is a different story. No matter how much you love your family, don’t forget that everyone has a distinct idea about a road trip. While some may want to go swimming in a lake nearby, others may seek a trekking adventure in the forest. No one wants to spend the entire day with family members, doing the same thing as they would have done, back home. If some people want to head to the beach, others may just want to stay inside the RV and read a book. Don’t be obstinate with ‘togetherness’.

Lastly, never forget that this is your vacation, too. Never ignore the fact that you’ve earned this family road trip as much as anybody else. It’s a tough job being the primary planner, as you start feeling obliged to monitor whether everyone is happy or not. Although you’ve put your heart and soul into the road trip, don’t fail to remember that you need to relax as well. Get that extra load off your shoulders every now and then, and make the most of this time with your family.

Planning a family vacation on the road is a great way to rejuvenate the loose ties between ménages. However, RV buyers need to avoid making the common mistakes when they are on a road trip with family members. Only then can they expect to create an unforgettable vacation that is etched deeply into everyone’s memory.

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