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Set Your Eyes On The Enemy, And Goal On Victory

Mar 5th 2014 at 10:14 PM

Among some of the most exciting recent battle strategy games lies 5-Empires. The free browser based game runs on a massive multi-player online role-playing platform. It is a virtual world where 5 glorious empires are fighting against one another in the struggle for power. As it happens in real situations, to topple off a common enemy’s empire, you can form alliances and declare war. But there are no friends, as power does not bow to alliances.

This free browser based game enables users to choose a side to form an army and build an empire. From beginning to the end, it is a conquest for power as the ultimate goal is to become the most powerful commander in this virtual world. If it was a pre-programmed game, it would have been much easier but with numerous online players, competition reaches a new height and introduces an element of realistic behavior.

The Layout

Like other online strategy war game, 5-Empires also has a very detailed layout. The developers have incorporated a complete story into the game, making sure that no loopholes are left behind.

The Story:

The story revolves around a virtual realm, at the birth of which, power was divided equally amongst five regions. Each of the five empires was governed by one of the five almighty spirits, also known as ‘influences’. It is imperative for the five influences to co-exist but a constant struggle for power amongst them continues.

The Five Influences:

Terra: The only female out of the five. Although she is kind in nature and influences growth and natural order, her hard headedness and strength often leads her to dominate by brute force.

Ignis: The young and furious one, born out of fire. His behavior is extremely unpredictable except for one thing: he is furious all the time. Ignis influences freedom and emotion.

Umbra: Born out of darkness, Umbra is a manifestation of pessimism and evil. Self-centered and egocentric, Umbra’s only concern is his own well being and fortune. Influencing darkness and death, he enjoys seeing enemies in pain.

Aqua: Aqua is rather the intellectual. Believing knowledge is the greatest power, he relies on logic. But with intelligence comes a price. To get closer to his ambitions, Aqua adapts deception and influences manipulation and illusion.

Lucis: Being the oldest of the five influences, Lucis is overly protective and proud. Honor, Integrity, Order and Justice are what drives his motivation. Influencing order and protection, there is no stopping him in putting an end to the wicked.

The online multiplayer strategy games lets you pick a side, form alliances and enemies and begin the struggle towards power. The unique interface and game play is guaranteed to keep you glued to your screen.

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