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Secret Of Seduction

Sep 13th 2010 at 11:27 PM

Again, I'm not going to waste your 
time. I'm going to get right to the 
point. And here it is:
Self-seeking website owners 
are doing everything they can do to 
seduce you into buying their bogus 
Internet products.

And you're going to fall for it
unless you've been told their 
secrets beforehand. 

The trick I'm going to tell you about 
today gets me in trouble. I have a lot 
of people mad at me because I tell this 
secret. But that's okay. They can be mad. 

Honestly I don't care.
What I do care 
about is protecting  people from 
scams and from being fooled by the tricks 
of copywriters.

So do you want to know what the killer 
clincher at the bottom of nearly every 
effective salesletter is? This is the 
little seductive lie that seals the deal.

At this point the copywriter has slowly 
removed all of your objections, making 
you think that you'd be an idiot if you 
didn't buy this incredible business idea! 

He has you on the precipice, you're 
thinking about giving it a try. All the 
copywriter needs to do is give you the 
slightest little nudge and you go over 
the edge. And here it comes:

It's called the Trick Deadline. 

I know you've seen it. It takes on many 
forms. Here are some examples: 

"You must buy by midnight tonight or 
I can't guarantee this price."

"We are definitely going back to our 
original price in the next few days, so 
take advantage of this 50% discount NOW." 

"We have sold thousands of copies of 
our package at the $167 price. This 
experimental $49 price will only last 
through the end of the day today." 

Let me tell you, when you see these 
statements don't believe them for a 
minute. The price is going to be the 
exact same when you come back a
week later or even a month later. It's just a tricky sales tactic to get you to buy now. The reason they do this is because 
they want your money now. They have 
brought you through the sales funnel 
and you will never be more susceptible 
to buying than you are right at this 
minute. So they want to push you over 
the edge. 

My recommendation would be look around 
a bit. Read some reviews of the product 
DO NOT trust the reviews that 
took all their information from the 
sales letter of the website that is 
being reviewed.
You can read all that 
for yourself.
Instead, you need reviews of the actual ebook or service. Reviews written by people who have actually read and implemented the strategies and tools that are revealed in the ebook. 

And oh, by the way, nobody on the 
Internet is writing reviews like that. 

Except me. 

So what am I trying to do in this article

I'm trying to get you to go read my 
I know of NO other reviews 
on the Internet that actually evaluate 
the real product. You owe it to yourself 
to have some real knowledge before you 

Start with the
Pay-per-click opportunities
Those are hands down the most profitable. 
That's how I am making five figures every
month. Click here to see the reviews. 

If you don't like that and want a more 
subtle, but still very profitable work-at-home 
solution, read the
reviews about Paid Surveys. One last thing. And I know that this is going to sound hokey. But I have to say it. The trick deadline is used by just about EVERY website out there. Even a few that I have recommended on my website have done it. I don't like it. It's regrettable. And I have talked to the product owners about that, but they just tell me that the deadline is so motivating that they do it to get their sales up. They tell me that they believe in their product so much that they don't have a problem motivating people to buy in this way. So that's that. I can't do anything about it except warn you not to fall for it. Just know that you have been armed with knowledge about the trick deadline. You don't have to fall for it. 

I really just don't want you to fall into the trap 
of thinking that you just happened to stumble 
into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you 
have to make your decision right now to get 
it at a particularly good price.
You've got the knowledge now. Don't fall for the tricks. Definitely read my reviews about any of the products before you buy them. Then you will be armed with real knowledge about the products before you invest your money and time. That's all for today. Scott hope it helped eddie

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Oct 18th 2010 at 1:07 PM by gerardoantonio
thanls..i am going there

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