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Remarkable Facts about Bed Sheets

Jul 9th 2015 at 6:01 AM

A bed sheet is made up of a variety of fibers including linen, cotton, synthetics or silk. They give a soft, healthy and cool texture against the skin to caress it gently and deliver a peaceful sleep. The feel of the bed depends upon various factors. All bedding essentials including top layers depending upon the materials and textures used lend discrete caressing. Some may find bed with a crisp feel, whereas other experience rich luxury on it. Find out how your bedding can be different with others.

Different weaves of the fabric bring a significant difference to bedding.

· Percale weave: feel lightweight and have crisp layers

· Sateen weave: silky and luxurious

· Jersey weaves: soft, casual look

· Cotton fabrics: soft, cool

· Modal fabrics: soft, smooth

· Cotton/poly: crisp feeling layer’s blend

Soft and luxurious layers are always a pleasure on the rough furniture. There are some simple steps to dress a bed neatly, high on comfort and style:

· Replace used sheets with the clean set of layers. You can even put a clean mattress pad or anything else that you want.

· Remove the used linens and shake out the mattress pads and comforters as well as throw pillows or shams.

· Replace the skirts or mattress pads with the clean ones.

· Start with the fitted layer over the corner of the mattress. Adjust the layer to make it straight and neat.

· Put the top layers evenly and fold the ends. The plenty of layers ties up at the top of the bed, but not TOO much.

· Put the blanket and then your quilt or comforter that hangs evenly with the seams being straight.

· Over the blanket, put the top sheet. Place your pillows at the top of the couch, flat, on the top layers. Give the couch a finished a new look.

Unknown facts about bed sheets:

· Sheeting was for the first time use for comfortable sleeping. Linens were marked as the first true bed layers.

· Linen derived from the flax plant was expertly cultivated, woven and spun by Egyptians. Linens are difficult and time consuming to make.

· The finished fabric, linen is laborious to make but perfect for sheet. It is soft to touch and becomes lustrous with use.

· Europeans bought linen culture flourished in the Northeast and middle colonies for centuries.

· In the early 17th, 18th and 19th, American women worked hard producing linen goods such as pillow cases, napkins, sheets, towels etc.

· In 1830, Cotton came into existence. It was Eli Whitney’s that the cotton wool developed and gets stripped most easily and quickly.

· At the same time, textile mills in New England quickly adapt to spin, weave, print and dye cotton in huge quantities.

· By about 1860, only a few bothered to make sheets made from linen as cotton required less time and are easy to obtain.

· The introduction of blended fibers, particularly cotton with polyester includes the use of bright colors and decoration.

· Today, the southern state, particularly the state of Georgia includes the number of cotton processors and weavers.

· Many of the American cotton sheets are produced in the South.

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