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Reasons to Seek the Advice of a Marriage Annulment Attorney in Atlanta

Dec 3rd 2015 at 10:03 PM

An annulment or nullity of marriage is a court order that declares that a marriage is not legally valid. An annulment treats a marriage as though it never existed because it was not legal. There are two kinds of marriage annulments, religious annulments and civil annulments. Civil annulments are issued by courts, while religious annulments are issued by church tribunals. Civil marriage annulments are only granted when a judge finds that a marriage was invalid at the time it was entered into.

You can choose to file for an annulment if you want to avoid the stigma associated with filing for divorce or if religious reasons support your decision to have an annulment. You can receive an annulment in Atlanta if you and your spouse are related by marriage or blood, if you were not mentally stable to enter into a marriage contract and if you were forced to enter into the marriage. The other reasons why a judge can declare a marriage void are if one of the partners in a marriage was fraudulently induced to enter into the marriage, if you were under sixteen when you got married or if your spouse was married to another living person when you got married.

An annulment may seem like a simple solution to ending a marriage that should have never existed. However, this process involves some risks. Therefore, when seeking to annul your marriage, it is important to consult with a qualified marriage annulment attorney in Atlanta. A lawyer has a thorough understanding of Atlanta annulment laws and knows the circumstances under which an annulment can be granted. An annulment attorney will assess the facts in your case and inform you about the best approach to take. He or she can assist you to end your marriage so that you can return to the status you maintained before the marriage.

After annulling a marriage, you will not have any property rights, claims for support or inheritance rights. If you have children or you are expecting a child, an annulment will not be granted. If you have children and you believe that you meet the requirements for an annulment, an attorney can advise you if you should still attempt to nullify your marriage. Since you only have one chance to nullify your marital union, it is vital to do it well. An attorney can help you go through the process successfully.

After you hire an experienced marriage annulment attorney in Atlanta, he or she can help you demonstrate that you unknowingly entered into a voidable or invalid marriage. He or she can advise you what to file, where to file it and how to file it. A competent lawyer will ensure that your case gets the attention it deserves. A judge can issue an order granting an annulment thirty days after the other party is served with legal documents requesting annulment and has failed to answer or contest the petition. After your marriage is annulled, you can request an award of temporary alimony. If you want to remarry, you can do so after the court issues a final order granting a nullity of marriage.

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