Real christianity as it is written

Nov 30th 2011 at 6:55 AM

Hello.V here...

I am religious. I believe in God. I do not deny his existence. Whether he be as we are preached, or an extra terrestrial being, the source

( as one alien encountered stated to a man in America, when asked, does God exist, replied," He DOES exist, and is the source of an alien federation")

I strongly believe, someone or something, created - made and bought into existence - all we see in nature and the universe!

For "Where there is an intricate design, there must be an intricate designer!"

I am sick to death of all the lies, the fairy tales being preached me from within the church, and the TV evangelists.  Many are spoon feeding us  lies, as "Gospel truths" for the sake of making a dollar!

I am sick to death of the devious tricks to get me along to the church, through fear, guilt, fear of the unknown, force to just conform and follow along like a good slave, as well as numerous other forms of control I have experienced.

" Know the truth, and the truth will set you free!"

Enough was enough! So to be truly free I broke away from all denominations, both the Saturday and the Sunday. I broke free, and now I truly feel free. Free to research and study my true fate and passion, the Christ. In order to find what is truth about the Christ through the Christ, for myself!

So I have taken upon myself to create an amazing unique teaching system...but first I must make a video revealing this! It will be extraordinary!

Also I must know all there is to know about christianity, sorting all the truths from the fables. I must attempt to restore the faith back to it's original pure form. That of the first church of the east.

But for now, I tire, so I must rest....

To be continued....







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