Read Criminal Procedure Code before Indulging In Singapore Travel

Mar 27th 2014 at 2:34 AM

When you are travelling to a new country, the first instinct is to get a list of popular landmarks over there. Nobody ever spends time in reading about the law or rules followed over there. We can understand that you are a law abiding person who has never broken a single law in your country, but when you are on travel to a foreign land, things are a little different. Something, which is legal in your country, might be punishable in Singapore. Something, which is normal in your country, can end you up in jail over here.


The Singapore government is very particular about the rules and regulations in their country. They make sure that people residing in Singapore follow them no matter if they are immigrants, travelers, expats or the indigenous citizens. In case you end up in trouble, even the top Singapore law firms will not be able to help you, if you are guilty. Try to avoid all these situations by following the law and regulations followed in Singapore.


The first source of information for the law and regulations is the criminal procedure code in Singapore. In this document, you can find thorough information about every activity that is punishable under the Singapore law. Activities that are Arrestable, executable and punishable are listed in order of graveness. You can have a look at them and be sure to avoid them during your stay in Singapore. Being aware about the law is always better to make the travel much safer in a foreign country and the criminal procedure code can help you in that.


In case you are about to start a business in the Singapore city, you should consult the top Singapore law firms providing legal services in business field. They will guide you about the things one should avoid while setting up business or while on business tour. Moreover, they can also help in case you end up in trouble by breaking some law. Some of the crimes, which are considered grave in Singapore, are listed here:


· Drug peddling: drug peddling is seen as one of the serious crimes in Singapore. Anyone who is found to be guilty of selling or owning the drugs can be executed as well.

· Murder or attempt to murder: this is the most obvious serious crime in any country.

· Rape

· Human trafficking

· Unwanted prostitution

· Black marketing

These crimes can end you up in quite serious trouble. You must avoid them on any case.


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