Racism Can Destroy Us

Jun 5th 2014 at 7:29 AM

The notion of multiculturalism abhors racism for many reasons. Western culture is dedicated to save western civilization. Racism is not only unintelligent; it is dangerous to the survival of western civilization. America, a multi-racial society, is a central pillar of western civilization. If we divide ourselves according to our races, we will be torn apart. As Ben Franklin once said, “We must hang together or we will certainly hang separately.” Whatever divides us indeed makes us weaker. If we really care about western civilization, racism must be stopped at all costs.

As nobody can change his or her race, cast, or creed, discussing it will not result in much. On the other hand, our domestic history and World War 2 teach us great lessons on how race consciousness can cause great evil. However, the noble goal of denouncing racism has undermined our ability to discuss various cultures. Cultural diversity is vital for our country’s progress. Our inability to discuss cultural diversity, because of the fear of being called racist, endangers western civilization.

Multiculturalism is a phenomenon that encourages us not to judge any culture. It tells us to celebrate and appreciate all of them. Denying cultural diversity’s inclusion of any negative aspects of a culture can silence the debate on multiculturalism. We should not confuse culture with race. The combination of both different cultures and races leads to the progress of a nation.

It is imperative that we take diversity into account if we wish to protect Western civilization. Nations outside the west are examples of the threat we face to the freedom we stand for, if we do stop discussing diversity. Most states in the Middle East do not allow immigrants to become citizens. Even China does not allow freedom of speech. It is us who stand for freedom and we have to continue to do so for every individual, regardless of his race, caste, or color!

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