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Mar 10th 2014 at 12:20 PM

Well, all the people convicted of criminal charges are not guilty but they still undergo this grueling situation due to lack of legal defense. No matter, you are innocent or guilty of charges filed against you, it is necessary to prove your point and defend yourself in court with the help of legal experts. Just like any other region of the world, San Jose is not at all a place where there are no criminal acts and assaults are committed.

Undeniably, criminal charges are quite critical to deal with as it puts your career and whole life at stake. Your decision of hiring a particular lawyer contributes a lot in keeping you out or behind the bars so it’s better to act vigilantly during the process. Being innocent of the charges you are charged with will not save you from facing lengthy penalties and harsh punishment alone, an experienced and skillful Criminal Defense Lawyer is needed to hold you back.

When one member of a relationship uses physical or emotional abuse to gain power, the act comes under the category of domestic violence. Be it between spouses, a child and a parent and between family members, this act can keep the person found guilty in years of confinement, heavy fines and counseling. Convictions that arise from these case results into three years of probation, jail time and may possibly alter child custody or alimony.

However, if the allegations that have been made against you wrongfully pertain to physical, emotional, sexual abuse or something else, professional involvement of a proficient Domestic Violence Attorney is needed to come out of this complicated issue. After you have been arrested, you have all the right to remain silent till lawyer is there at your defense otherwise any word you utter may go against you in a court of law. Obviously, a lawyer will guide you through the tangled morass of the criminal justice system and provide sound legal counsel as and when needed.

Whatever kind of wrongful accusations you may be going through, you deserve to be treated fairly by the California criminal justice system. Irrespective of how dire your situation may seem at first glance, a talented San Jose lawyer can always find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case and build a strong defense for you. After all, the laws governing particular crimes can be confusing and criminal justice system can be incredibly cruel to those that they assume are “guilty” so you need a hard-hitting defense attorney to defend your case legally.

If you need a San Jose Criminal Defense Lawyer because you have been charged with a crime, you need the legal professionals at the Law Office of Edward N. Ajlouny. We provide the best info about Domestic Violence Attorney and San Jose Criminal Attorney.

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