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Protect Your Livestock: Install Quality Animal Fencing

Jun 26th 2015 at 12:05 AM

Three kinds of animal fencing to consider installing in your farm or ranch are non-climb fencing, poultry fencing and simple wood fencing.

For many farmers and ranchers, protecting livestock comes before all other concerns. In order to fully prioritize the safety and health of one's livestock animals, it makes sense to invest in high quality fencing that will keep the animals both comfortable and secure. There are a number of animal fencing options currently available, though not all are equally suited to a given application. For this reason, it is a good idea to become acquainted with the different varieties of animal fencing before installing any one kind.

One important type of fence for farmers and ranchers to keep in mind is non-climb fencing. These fences are designed to keep animals from climbing them by providing no good points of purchase. What is more, because the holes in these fences are relatively small, horses and other hoofed livestock are less likely to get their limbs entangled in the fence. Some varieties of non-climb fencing can be more expensive than basic wooden fencing. However, without livestock constantly climbing on the fence, it is likely to last longer and thus turn out to be a more worthwhile investment in the long haul.

Poultry fencing is another key variety of animal fencing. Ideal for enclosing coups and other poultry areas, these fences serve two main purposes. First, they keep chickens, geese and other poultry birds from wandering off. Second, they protect the birds against wild predators, such as wolves and foxes. The fencing is specifically designed with predators in mind, and makes it very difficult for them to access poultry enclosures by climbing, jumping or digging.

A third common type of fencing for farms and ranches is simple wood fencing. These fences offer a classic look, and work particularly well when installed around horse or cow pastures. The wood fences can also be reinforced by mesh fencing if need be, which can make it better suited to enclosing smaller animals that would otherwise be able to slip through the gaps in the fence.

Depending on what livestock or animals you are working with, different types of animal fencing will be more effective than others. Perhaps the most important feature of any fence, whether non-climb, poultry or simple wood, is quality. It is a worthwhile investment to make sure that you install only high quality fencing on your ranch or farm property. Anything less could mean putting your livestock at risk from escaping or predators. For this reason, it is a good idea to research your fencing needs and purchase your fencing from a reliable, knowledgeable source. To find out more about the various types of animal fencing in Austin, please visit this website.

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