Progressive Web Apps and How They Affect the World of Retail

Feb 12th 2020 at 1:29 AM


You’ve done everything right: you’ve marketed your product, advertised it, convinced aconsumerto actually visit your website or app, and you’ve even managed to get them to click that sought-after “Add to Cart” button, which indicates they intend to buy your product. Get more information about Transparsoft


But then, it happens. Your website has a less-than-perfect functionality when they view it on their smart phone that slightly annoys them during checkout, or your mobile application closes unexpectedly when they were just about ready to confirm their purchase. They become frustrated and decide it’s not worth their time to proceed with the purchase. Boom. Just like that, you’ve lost the sale. And it really has nothing to do with the quality of your product or your company. Enter: progressive web apps or PWAs. AKA your new best friend.

What is a PWA?

Basically, a progressive web application is the lovechild of a website and a mobile application. PWAs are websites that can be viewed on a web browserandoffermost of the functionality and features of a mobile app.They provide the user with an app-like experience without having to access an app store or download anything. The application is set up so that users can interact with them in the same way they are used to navigating a native application.Users enjoy a much smoother experience in general when visiting a PWA versus a website or mobile app.

Do I Need One?

The short answer? Yes. Here’s the long answer. Mobile devices represent 40% of all online purchases. Therefore, if you want to increase the chance of a consumer going through with a sale from your company online, making it a smooth experience for them is key.

The general population is becoming more and more dependent on their smartphones and mobile devices for making purchases. If a shopper gets frustrated with their experience on your site, they will likely take their business to another application or website that has a better feel.

Benefits of PWAs

In addition to being extremely user-friendly and showcasing an overall smooth experience, PWAs are loaded with a host of beneficial features. They offer muchfaster load times than their counterparts. Thanks to the caching system, progressive web apps allow the user to continue using certain parts of the app (browsing!) even while offline because portions of the data are stored on the actual device.

Another huge advantage that PWAs have on their counterparts is their compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. Native apps require two separate versions. Also, PWAs are viewable on all web browsers, which provides continuity across all devices.

In contrast with native apps and websites, progressive web apps have increased discoverability and shareability. Given that PWAs can be discovered through a search engine, companies who have an effective SEO ranking strategy in place can increase their chances of appearing on a web search. Additionally, every single page on a PWA is linkable, which means that any and all pages that are in that PWA can be shared to social media and other social platforms. This enhances the number of possible customers due to increased visibility, and therefore leads to more possible sales for the company.

The benefits of progressive web apps do not end here. There are endless advantages to using a PWA versus a website or mobile app.

Increase Sales by Decreasing Cart Abandonment

It’s simple; a shopper is more likely to spend their money on your product if they are pleased with their shopping experience. And in the technology-centered world we live in, the shopping experience is the experience they encounter when dealing with the technology you’re providing them.

The retail industry, in particular, can benefit from PWAs because they decrease the likelihood of cart abandonment which ultimately results in closing more sales and thus an increase in revenue.The bottom line is that the effortless experience that shoppers encounter when using progressive web applications increases the likelihood of actually making it to the “Order Confirmation” stage, and in turn, a sale for your company.

To summarize, retailers should consider hiring an expert to handle switching their online presence over to a progressive web app to ensure a seamless transition and to capitalize on the opportunities that a PWA can bring to their business.

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