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Prepare for Departure – word received on January 13, 2012

Jan 26th 2012 at 7:58 AM

Getting a message like that naturally puts one on the alert, especially if it comes from inside. One starts wondering about it, thinking about it. Sure, the first thing that came to my mind was my own departure from this world. Having already thoroughly prepared for that occasion, I just could not come up with anything more to do in this case. So I let go of that thought.

Next my thoughts went into a more concrete and logical reaction, asking questions like: when, where to and for how long. Not being given any more detail, I decided to wait for more info while doing my normal preparation for a day trip, getting ready for immediate action in case more info was to come forward that day.

Then it hit me that I had asked the Lord what I should write about next. There it was – the answer, the title for this article. So now I had the title, but no content. Since I am writing my articles on the promptings of the Spirit, who alone knows my visitors hearts and minds, I just cannot put down anything I think will fit.

I have seen many ads and websites about preparedness, preppers, prepping, and stocking up for emergency situations. I know that the cabal, the 1%, have gone to great lengths to prepare for their survival (underground) in case of the Armageddon (of their making?) and I am aware of channeled messages advising people to prepare for unexpected outages foreseen during 2012.

The fact that millions of people don’t even have enough for their daily life, never mind being able to start hoarding food and water, nor having the facilities to do that, is so upsetting, that I asked the Lord : what about those, what about India, what about Africa, what about Namibia? On 19 January 2012 the Lord answered my question via an obscure, almost unintelligible, sort of prophetic message on a blog to which He drew my attention. I saved that message in order to try and understand it by re-reading it later. I still don’t understand all of it, but it definitely puts my mind at rest concerning the unprivileged in these continents.

If you are interested in that specific message, you’ll have to ask the Lord to show it to you, since for the life of me I can’t remember where I found it, so I cannot give you a link.

If you live in the USA, GB or Israel, I can only advise you to implore your government to release the “Rules of the Universe for the Future” which they apparently have in their possession for a long time already.

So this is how far I can go for the time being under this title. I shall update it if and when I get more detail.

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