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Predatory Software - Fast Browser Search

Aug 29th 2010 at 8:32 AM

When you download My Tattoos software it automatically downloads it's predatory brother called Fast Browser Search. This thing is almost impossible to remove. There are articles and forum threads all over the place regarding this nasty piece of software. I've been trying to eradicate it from my computer for almost a year now.
I finally got a real response from their support people. Below is a copy of the explanation and directions I received from them. It seems to have worked.

"Dear User,

Thank you for contacting us. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

Make The Web Better is a search engine company and our search engine is called "Fast Browser Search". We have have applications for social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace. We also have other applications called My Web Tattoo, Tattoodle, My Tattoons, Get-Rated, Tattoodle Skins, MyFace LOL, My Fun Wallpaper, and Incredible Screensavers. All of our applications are free and we just asked that the user install our Fast Browser Search toolbar in order to gain access to our products.In order for the Fast Browser Search toolbar to get installed on your computer someone would have had to gone through an installation process asking you if you want to install the toolbar with a series of "I accept," "agree," and "next."

If you can't uninstall the Fast Browser Search toolbar it could be an issue where the uninstaller for the Fast Browser Search got cut off while you were trying to uninstall the toolbar. This is why you still see some remains of the Fast Browser Search product on your computer since some of the program got removed and some are stuck due to the uninstaller being cut off.

A simple way to resolve this issue is a simple reinstall of the Fast Browser Search to make sure that the full uninstaller is on your computer because as of right now the uninstaller is not fully on your computer since a part of it got removed when you were initially trying to uninstall this program so this is the reason why this program won't uninstall because it's trying to reach for the uninstaller but it's not fully there and it can't uninstall. Please follow the steps below for a simple reinstall and then uninstall.


1) Make sure toolbar is visible in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browser by going to view --> toolbars --> and make sure fast browser search is checked. (Located upper left hand side on the menu bar) If the menu bar doesn't appear it could be that it's hidden.

2) Disable or turn off any anti-virus program or firewall on computer because the purpose of an anti-virus program is that it prevents or blocks things that go into your computer's registry and the way that an uninstaller works is that it goes into your computer's registry to remove all the files belonging to its program. So most likely what happened is that when you were trying to uninstall the fast browser search and as it was trying to reach into your computer's registry to remove all the files, the uninstaller got cut off and that's why pieces of the fast browser search got stuck on to your computer.

3) Copy and paste this link ( in to your Internet Explorer browser and hit "enter" on keyboard.(If you have the fast browser search on FF it's okay because when you install it from internet explorer and uninstall it from the control panel it will remove from both browsers.)

4) A pop up should appear asking you to run, save, or cancel. Please "run" it. After that a series of messages should appear asking you  "I agree, next" please click agree and click next to download the toolbar.

5) If you have Internet Explorer 8 on your computer a pop up should appear saying installation complete, please click on the "close" button and an Internet Explorer page should open. Its okay if you see a server error page, it's because it's trying to bring you to an old page of ours that we no longer use.

6) Close all browsers and go to the control panel --> add remove programs to uninstall a program.

7) Once in the control panel, uninstall "Search Guard plus (mywebtattoo)" then "Search Guard Plus Updater"

8) Once those two are uninstalled, go back up to the "Fast Browser Search" and uninstall that.

9) Restart computer

10) The only thing that requires us to manually change is the default search provider which is located on the top right corner of your browser next to the address bar. So in Internet explorer you will just need to go in to "manage search providers" (by clicking on drop down arrow to the right of that small search box), set another one as default and remove fast browser search from the list and click the close button and restart your Internet explorer and it will be gone.

For FF: click on the drop down arrow to the left of that small search box and then click on "manage search engines" and select whichever one you would want to appear and move it all the way to the top, once that one is to the top, select Fast Browser Search and click on the remove button. Click the close button and restart your Internet explorer and it will be gone.

11) After everything is gone remember to turn back on your anti-virus/firewall.

If you still have further problems, contact our support line at 1-800-831-8940 from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am - 6pm eastern standard time. An Associate will assist you in uninstalling this program.


Make The Web Better Support"

Again this seems to have worked for me. I hope it does for you as well.

Chris Smith

PS here are some links I've found for other fixes. You might want to check them out just to be sure you've gotten rid of every thing.

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