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Popular slots myths

Mar 11th 2014 at 2:19 AM

Slot machines are a branch of the gaming industry that has benefited more than any other segment of the gaming industry. It could without hesitation be considered the mother of the contemporary gaming world. Nowadays every sophisticated casino offers hundreds of slot machines, providing a great diversity in games and designs. Thanks to the developing of the computer technologies the slot machines provide tremendous jackpots, which can absolutely change the course of your normal life.

As they are very widespread and one of the most preferred games there have always appeared many discussions around the slots and mainly of the popular misconceptions and myths around them. In almost every area of entertainment there have appeared many legends throughout the years, but gambling tends to be more specific one, because of the hazard that it often hides. That is what makes the most devoted players very suspicious when playing their favourite slots. There are hundreds of well known myths connected to slot machines, however there are certain of them which are one of the greatest misconceptions around this game.

1.If someone have just won the jackpot from the slot, you should definitely avoid this machine.

This misconception comes from the fact that many people believe that slot machines are programmed in a certain way and when someone hits the jackpot, the machine automatically tightens up. Despite the logic in this explanation it happens to be completely untrue and misleading. Every slot machine possesses a random number generator which ensures that each spin is totally independent of the previous spins. That means that there is no record to determine these things. The slot machine that has just given a large sum of money has the same chances of winning just like every other slot machine in the casino.

2.If the machine has not paid out for a while it is more likely to hit the jackpot

As we already mentioned every spin has practically the same chances of the jackpot as the last spin and the next one. There is no a definite amount of spins between the jackpots which are programmed into the games. If you count on this misconception you are more likely to finish without any money in your bankroll which by any means is not very pleasant situation.

3.The way in which the slot machines plays depends on the temperature of the coins

This is also another misconception because the slot machine could not be affected by the temperature in any way. Whether the coin is hot or cold it has no influence on the machine. Still there are many people who try to heat their coins with the hope to win the jackpot from the slots.

4.The jackpots are won mainly at the weekends and not during the week

Progressive jackpots are said to be hit during the weekend but that has a reasonable explanation. While during the week less people play, there are less chances of winning the jackpot. However at the weekends, when time for rest comes it is more than normal that many people will come into the casino and will try their luck. In this way money is made with higher percentage of players but you should take into account that while there are more winners, there also appear more losers at the same time.

5.The casinos are allowed to change the payouts on their slots at different days

This is also a very widespread myth when we talk about slots machines. The is practically impossible because in the majority of cases the law does not permit this. The second reason is that a great part of the slot games come directly from factories and they have just one payout setting. If they want to change the payouts this means a regular change of the slot machines which cannot of course happen every day.

6.Someone has just won the jackpot on the slot machine which you just left, and you are absolutely sure that if you had continued playing you would have hit it.

Surprisingly, but this is absolutely untrue. That could be very easy explained with the fact that there is a computer chip inside the slot machine which serves for the running of the Random Number Generator. This generator continuously cycles the numbers and the numbers correspond to the stops on the wheel that shows the winning or losing symbols. When you pull the spin button this RNG picks the combination for a microsecond. Which means that during your stay at the machine it is unlikely to stop the RNG at that exact time to win the jackpot. So in that case do not put the blame on yourself or simply do not think that luck is far away from you. That is the real and logical explanation.

7.You should not press the button, instead it is better to pull the handle

The truth is that there is absolutely no difference for the final outcome because these two activities performs exactly the same function. What happens is that a message is sent to the slot in order to select a combination and then to spin the reels. Sometimes the handles are left only for sentimental value so you can choose either the button or the handles, as they have practically the same function.

These are some of the most popular myths and misconceptions connected with slot machines and their use. When it comes to gambling many of the people are always eager to try the so famous slot machines. However few of them really understand the working of these machines and that is why many myths tend to appear constantly. In this way people create fake strategies and their judgement is influenced in a wrong way which often can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Author Bio: Gayle Grant is a blogger and writer. He loves playing slots and even has one slots playing guide written.

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