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Dec 16th 2010 at 6:41 PM

COME ON TO POLLUTE ENVIRONMENT AND COME ON TO EARN THE PROPERTY IN THE SHAPE OF DISEASES. Actually,I planned to name this article, like this. But it is not so good. So I titled " Do you know why we are polluting the environment?"
Yes, we can earn currency in many ways. But we can earn diseases only by polluting environment.
In general, all are thinking that mere plantation is environment. But it is not TRUTH (SATHYAM) We have to say it is  10%only. 99 % of people's opinion is environment is a rhyme in L.K.G. That is not TRUTH (SATHYAM). Environmental Education is an ocean.  If we place all sciences in one pan in a balance Environmental itself equals in another pan. That is Environment. Without knowing that, some intellectuals are saying environmental education is a part of science.
Actually, for Truth (Sathyam) Environmental is NATURE or GODLINESS (DAIVATHVAM) where as Science is an ARTIFICIAL or EVILNESS (RAKSHASATHVAM).
It is not the problem? why we are polluting the environment. . . . . . . Because doctors has to get their lovlihood.  They has to brought up. . . . . .
In order to live doctors happily those who are in less than 1% in Indian population, remaining 99% of Indian population has to become as patients (Details see the DOCTORS Bulletin)
For that, doctors asked the Yogis those who are taking food once in a day and Bhogis those who are taking food twice a day . . . . to take thrice a day. So all Yogis, Bhogis are taking their food three times and becoming Rogis (patients).  Finally, Yogis lost their Divine and mental powers. Bhogis  lost their physical powers.
Lastly, By loosing natural & physical powers, Rogis (patients) depended on mechanical powers and became Chronic patients. Why? Doctors has to live. . . .  because Indians has very pity on the doctors.
Not only that. All the people are living happily with good health.  They had to fell in ill. Then only doctors can live. By thinking like that some intellectuals asked  farmers to start agriculture with chemical fertilizers (man made) by keeping off natural manures (God made). By taking the food produced by using chemical fertilizers in agriculture, people fell in ill health. Though people are becoming patients, still there is a shortage of patients to doctors, Why? Many doctors are releasing every year in the factories named as medical colleges. So, some intellectuals started to produce and asked people to take artificial cool drinks (man made) which causes impotency in male instead of drinking natural drinks such as coconut water, sugarcane juice. And also introduced tea & coffee dedications instead of thulasi, sithaphalam, pudina, lemon, butter milk etc., (Details see INDIAN DRINKS Bulletin)
Some intellectuals introduced gutka which causes to some diseases instead of natural thamboolam. Some intellectuals introduced alcohol drinks (man made) which causes some diseases instead of (Godmade) natural juices of Eaatha Kallu, Thati Kallu and etc., (Details see INDIAN DRINKS Bulletin. Still, there is a scarcity of patients to doctors.
Come on. .. . . . .
In order to produce chemical fertilizers, factories are started and still new factories coming, through that, we can produce more pollution. Then only people will get diseases. Similarly, with factories of cool drinks, cigarettes, gutkas, alcohol such as wine, whiskey,, brandy etc., we are polluting the environment. With that polluted Environment we are earning the wealth of diseases. Come on. . . . .

If it causes harm to small insects in a day, the same causes harm to human-being in a year or two. Isn't it? and it slowly leads chronic patient. Isn't it? If the mosquito coils causes harm to mosquitoes in a day, the same coils causes to human-being in a year or two like slow poison. All the people know this truth. But Why people are addicted to mosquito coils, only to feed doctors. Like this, in many ways, through killing the living organisms, people are taking the slow poisons. Municipal taps are supplying drinking water. But they are using some chemicals to purify the water. That chemicals also slow poisons to people. Which is purified water? Only the water of bore or well. By planning of Cement roads in streets, rain water is not entering into the earth. (Details see GIVE & TAKE Bulletin). So, scarcity of water thorugh bores, tanks and wells are arising, Why we are doing like this? We have to get diseases. We have to pay bill to doctors.
Similarly, plastic carry bags. . . .  With a chemical reaction between carry bag and sunlight a harmful  gas releases which will create heart diseases. Due to low immunization potential power, many children are facing to heart diseases. By this,  children are becoming patients and some doctors are living happily by using Govt. Schemes such as Arogyasri. (Details see FINANCIAL CRISIS Bulletin)
Similarly, parents are throwing toys before children which contains harmful chemicals. (Details see IMPORTED TOYS Bulletin). Many parents are throwing processed and packaged food before their children in which some chemicals are using for storage purpose. This also a type of slow poison. Similarly some problems are creating for ladies to become as patients. (Details see LADIES PROBLEMS Bulletin). Why? In order to brought up the doctors.
Now , Indians are happy by wearing pure cotton dress, particularly ladies.  So, in order to made Indians  as Skin patients, BT Cotton is encouraging by some Intellectuals.   And also Indians are taking a little bit good vegetarians . Though vegetables are growing with chemical fertilizers, only some diseases are affecting to Indians. So, some intellectuals are supporting for BT Vegetables. The intellectuals know that people will affect for diseases slowly, but they want to help doctors in increasing the ratio between patents and doctors.  This is the secret in supporting BT by many intellectuals.
What ever it may be,
We are polluting the Environment.
And, we are fulfilling the desire of
Earning the wealth of diseases
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