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Playing it the Smart Way: Experience Roulette

Jul 9th 2015 at 4:26 AM

Online casinos have their own flavor. “It’s not all about luck but how much you know the game as well”, they say. The game by itself is pretty simple. There is a spinning circular table, and there are small balls. Players win depending upon where the ball comes to land and where they’ve put the bet on the roulette table.

About roulette

The game initially developed during the Roman period when Roman soldiers used to spin their chariot wheels. That does seem a stark contrast when we see online roulette gaming becoming so popular today. You can even play roulette from your smart phone, should you want to play it online. But that’s a different story. Here are the basics of the game – you just need to spin the wheel so that the ball lands where you want it to, and that’s not an easy task by itself. You need a lot of practice and luck to succeed.

The American Roulette

There are different types of roulette including the American roulette. There are some other roulettes too including the European Roulette and the French roulette. There is also the roulette Royale and mini Roulette.

The American roulette has 38 numbered slots, numbered one to thirty-six and also had slots numbered 0 and 00. There can be a total of eleven bets including six on the inside and five on the outside.

The other roulette types

This is a great time to try your hands on games like roulette and poker. Here are some of the other roulette types that you can play in.

European Roulette – The European roulette has one numbered slot more than the American Roulette, but there is only one zero with no double zero. There are also an even distribution of bets – 5 inside and 5 outside.

French Roulette - The French roulette is pretty similar to the European version. The only difference is that the French version has a different table design, colored red and written in French and has a wider range of unique bets, known as announce bets and call bets.

Roulette Royale – Another version of Roulette, the game has a progressive character and helps you to place bets on whether a ball would land on the same number on two consecutive spins. While not as popular as the other version, this form can still be a great choice if you’re playing the roulette game online.

Mini Roulette – This is yet another roulette version, but on a smaller scale.  There are only 13 numbered slots here and the numbered zero through twelve.

While the American roulette stands out, there is another online version of roulette as well called the 3D roulette. The online experience is admittedly a bit different but if you love roulette, you will love it too. The 3D roulette has a table and wheel that’s three-dimensional, and helps you experience modern technology in a different way.

Choose a casino that you need

There are tens of casinos out there. You need to choose one that best suits you need. Understand that casinos offer different incentives for you to join. This is why you will do well to choose one that offers the game you need. Don’t depend on casino games like roulette alone. There are tons of other games to choose from too, and you can play every one of them in your online casino. All you need is a working internet connection, a valid account, and a credit or debit card, and you’re good to go.  Most casinos, for instance, offer free bets. Free bets are a great way to make money without putting your money into risk. Most of the online bookmakers offer free bets to attract more customers or to encourage present customers to bet more. This scheme benefits both bookmakers and player.

You need to check the terms and condition on respective sites on how to play and the rules.   Don’t just join any casino site – look at what they have to offer first. The casino of the month can stand out with its range of poker and casino games, offering you a complete experience that you would absolutely love.


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