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Packing Fragile Goods During A Move

Jul 15th 2015 at 12:04 AM

Get ideas on how to pack fragile items when moving. Use lots of packing materials and sturdy boxes to ensure that your valuables get to their destination in one piece.

Packing up your belongings to move across town or across the country is a stressful time. If you’re packing fragile items like a china set or crystal vases that belonged to your great-grandmother, you are understandably worried about them making the trip. You do need to use extra care when packing glass, ceramic, and collectibles. Here are some tips to help your belongings get to their destination in one piece.

The packing materials are important. You’ll want bubble wrap or other soft material like towels or t-shirts. Get sturdy boxes for your valuable items, so that the box has more support and protection against being crushed. It adds another layer of defense to ensure your fragile items are safe. Make sure you have tape and a big marker to use to label the box “fragile.”

When packing your fragile items, line the sides of the box with packing material before placing anything in it. Wrap each item separately, and don’t pack the box too tightly. However, you also don’t want to pack it too loose, because then the items rattle around when they’re being moved. You may need to pack off the top of the box with extra bubble wrap or other soft materials. Tape it shut securely, and clearly identify that it is fragile on each side.

If you have smaller items, like a teapot lid, wrap it up in bubble wrap, then tape it to the larger item to which it belongs. Alternatively, tape three or four of these items together so that they don’t get lost in a big box. Don’t lay plates flat in the box, but stand them on their side with cardboard or bubble wrap placed in between. Remember that plastic or cardboard is much cheaper than glass. If it feels like you’re overdoing it, safe is better than repairing a family heirloom.

Take your time packing your fragile items. It might be worth hiring a professional to save you the stress and headache of getting everything done. Don’t pack boxes too heavy, as you may be the one who has to lift it. Pack heavier items in the bottom of the box so that the items on top aren’t weighted down. Add an arrow to the box that points which way is up. Use tape to seal the box, at least three pieces to ensure that it doesn’t come open.

Don’t forget to use caution when unpacking these items, too. You don’t want to pick up something that did break during the move and catch one of the sharp edges on your hand. Don’t just stick your hand into a box without using care to see what you are taking out. To find a reliable local mover in El Cajon, please visit this website.

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With a talent for organizing, and a traveler's soul, Joe is a moving virtuoso. He is taking his knowledge of relocation and sharing it with professionals, business owners, families and vagabonds everywhere. See some of his thoughts here at relocation and reassembling blog.

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