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Packaging Types and Their Advantages

Sep 14th 2015 at 3:27 AM

We’re all aware about the packaging revolution – we owe all the plastics in our home to it. Each product we buy comes packed in a unique cover which is custom-designed and tailor fitted to the product. A lot of thought goes into designing this cover. Whether it be cosmetics, food, electronics or any other kind of product, it needs a package to be sold in. No one in the right mind purchases something which does not come out of a sealed box these days – packaging is the mark of genuineness and authenticity.

Product packaging consists of the company’s logo and other trademarked essentials that guide the buyer into purchasing genuine products. This is probably why there is so much brainstorming involved. This being said, it has always been a venture of the innovators in this field to look for inexpensive ways to manufacture something that has the flexibility of accommodating to a wide variety of products and their shapes.

Plastic clamshell packaging is one such solution. Manufactured through the thermoforming process, this method of packaging is inexpensive, flexible and pretty famous. It can accommodate company information and preserve product quality with the promise of durability. Products like children’s toy cars, men’s razors, pen drives, earphones and the sort are seen packaged in this kind of cover. Customized specification can be met easily when this kind of packaging is employed for a product. The reason that a clamshell package can be manufactured reasonably is what forms the backbone for its popularity.

The clamshell package is called so because in all the sense of the word it is what it is named. Like a clamshell, this kind of packaging also has two “jaws” clamped at one edge with a cavity somewhere in between to fit the product and related papers into. When the product is in place, it is snapped shut and using certain sealing methods, the remaining three edges are sealed off so that what is inside stays inside and what is outside of the package doesn’t get in. They are water-resistant, shock-resistant to a certain tolerance and fit the product very snugly so that it doesn’t jump around in the package and self-destruct. They can be formed into a wide variety of shapes. The best part is that they can actually be formed into any kind of shape, provided that the packaging manufacturer is in possession of the mould.

Plastic packaging manufacturers prefer clamshell packages because they have the capability to preserve the product inside in terms of quality and condition both. The pocket of air formed around the product inside a clamshell acts like a cushion and prevents the product from getting damaged due to impact. It is usually a see-through package more often than not, which helps the buyer or the retailer to check if the product is in proper condition. Even if it did get damaged somehow, the buyer will be able to notice the damage and save his money by purchasing an undamaged piece instead.

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