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Packaging Innovations – All about Blister Packaging

Sep 14th 2015 at 4:14 AM

Packaging industry has a lot to offer when it comes to solutions pertaining to customizing the cover in which various products are sold. It is only a matter of forming a contract between a plastic packaging manufacturer and the product manufacturer. There is no product that a professional product packaging company cannot handle. With so many innovations taking place in this industry by the day, there is a whole new world of challenges being taken and won each day. The most popular method by far to manufacture plastic packaging is the thermoforming process. It is the process where plastic sheets of varying thickness are heated to a temperature that softens them enough to be moulded into desired shapes. It is popular in manufacturing things like customized plastic clamshells. Yet another famous form of packaging which comes under thermoformed process of production is the blister packaging. It is the most popular kind of packaging used in the pharmaceuticals and consumer goods industries.

Blister packages are useful where some fixed quantity of merchandise (which is small enough to be carried in that kind of pack, like medicines) is to be packed in batches and sold that way. They are very popular because they preserve the shelf life of the medicines, help the patients keep track of dosage and are cheap.

Blister packages are manufactured using the form-fill-seal procedure. Thin sheets of plastic are sent through the thermoforming process to produce packs that have cavities shaped like the product. This step is the “form” step. In the next step, the product is “filled” into these cavities so produced. The last step involves using another plastic sheet or a foil film to seal the product inside the formed pack. This form of packaging also makes it easy for the consumer to extract product from inside, because all he has to do is use his thumbs to push the product out from the foil side. Blister packaging is also seen very extensively in the consumer goods line like pens, toys, electrical and electronics, etc.

It is an obvious fact that blister packs without a doubt are versatile enough to cater to a wide variety of demand specifications from various industries. Customizations are easily possible and applied. Quality is always maintained. What changes only is the mould using which the plastic sheets are formed after heating is over. Also important is the fact that this kind of packaging fits the product into its cover very snugly. This helps in keeping the product safe from impact and damage due to rough handling as its cover keeps it sealed in place. Some blister packs with sensitive items inside employ the technique of vacuum so the product inside remains the way it was when it was packed.

Blister packs also come in variety. The common ones that the article has already discussed, the push-through ones, aren’t the only kind of blister packs available. There are blister trays also, which are meant for long-term use. They consist of thicker plastic sheets, and instead of a thin foil to seal the product inside, there is a thin slab that slides to open or close the cavities.

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