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Packaging for Your Beauty Products

Sep 14th 2015 at 3:58 AM

Beauty products, generalized by the name of cosmetics, are by far an industry that is has grown beyond imagination. Nail polishes, skin products, hair products, eyelash enhancers, etc. have taken the lead in women’s markets. Diversity in the types of products and the sheer number of competitors in this field have made it a tough call for the consumers to decide which company they want to patronize. With the scene being like this, it is the cosmetic packaging which becomes a factor that helps consumers decide what they want to purchase. Good graphic covers and quality plastics with easy functionality generally get preferred to other kinds of packaging. For one, the concept of “minimalistic” does not apply to this industry. The bottles that special creams come packed in are designed very carefully; believe it or not, it has a strong impact on the customer’s decision and affects company sales.

Most of the cosmetics these days come packed in plastic packages. A big shot company will have a lot of frills and stuff on their package while a small company will only provide the product packed in something basic. This basically depends on how much a company is willing to spend on their product packaging. If there is a lot of designing and customization involved, the cost will undoubtedly climb to unaffordable levels. This then calls for a certain class of clientele which expects the product to be as spectacular as the packaging itself. There is a lot of jugglery involved. It goes without saying that a new player in the industry will have to give it the best shot by making both the product and the packaging up to par so that it makes its mark in the market. Some top-of-the-line company products like eye liners come packed in plastic clamshells for the simple reason to reduce their cost and make it accessible to the public who cannot afford a glass box studded with jewels.

Something that plastic packaging manufacturers in contract with cosmetics companies need to keep in mind at all times is that the cosmetics they are packaging are going to be handled roughly. They’ll be tossed into purses and crushed beneath other stuff. It can even be dropped on the floor many times, or tossed from one hand to another. Their packaging needs to be effective enough to sustain all this torture and still keep the product safe and sound to be used by the ladies. The bottom line is that the packaging needs to be absolutely fail-proof so that the ladies do not have worry about breakage and leakage inside their bags (which can trigger an onset of an even worse disaster).

Some efficient packaging solutions for cosmetics include the use of plastic to make packages which accommodate all the basic make-up things that a lady needs on-the-go. The cosmetics packaging suppliers are helping companies design such solutions so that sales can be improved. Packing cosmetics also requires including an easy to open and use mechanism.

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