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Organic Food and Its Advantages over Non-Organic Food

Jan 19th 2015 at 9:27 PM

Organic food actually refers to the agricultural produce that is grown using animal-friendly and environmentally friendly techniques of farming. When organic produce is grown, no conventional fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides are used during the process of farming. Soil is fed with natural fertilizers and weeds are managed using the method of crop rotation.

Some people think that all natural food is organic in nature. However, it is not the case. Organic and natural foods do not mean the same thing. Organic foods are only those items that are produced in accordance with international organic standards and are certified to be so. Avoid picking up items that contain labels, such as all natural and hormone-free, without knowing all the details about their growth. These food items may be non-organic in nature. You should know the differences between organic and non-organic food and then select the right option for yourself. Here are some advantages that organic food has over non-organic food. Check these out so you may purchase the right products for use.

Higher quality

Organic food is considered to be better in quality than non-organic food. This happens because of the way it is produced. Several research studies have shown that better farming practices can make the produce healthier and of more effective quality.

More nutritious

Research has also indicated that organic food is higher in its nutritional content. It has more antioxidants as compared to non-organic food. There is higher antioxidant concentration in organic fruits, vegetables and cereals. There is a higher amount of phenolics, flavones, flavanones, flavonols and stilbenes in organic food items than in non-organic food products. Thus, you can increase antioxidants in your body by simply consuming organic foods. This helps you in reducing the intake of more calories to raise the level of antioxidants. Thus, organic food acts as a more nutritious alternative to non-organic food.

Lower pesticide residue level

When food is grown in a conventional way, the crops are sprayed with pesticides in order to protect them from insects, pests and weeds. Thus, the sprayed pesticides can leave their residue in the food items. As these pesticides can be harmful for you, non-organic food should be avoided if you have a choice of organic. Non-organic food items are found to contain a much higher amount of pesticide residue as compared or organic foods. In fact, many people simply buy organic foods to keep themselves away from pesticide residue.

Lower amounts of cadmium and nitrogen

Cadmium is a toxic element that is found in a significantly lower concentration in organic foods. On the other hand, non-organic foods have a higher amount of this harmful element. Non-organic foods also contain more nitrogen than organic items. Nitrogen can also be harmful for your system and has been linked to some diseases like the risk of some types of cancer. Thus, it is always better to choose organic foods that contain a lower concentration of nitrogen in them.

Absence of food additives

According to regulations on organic foods, there can be no use of food additives in organic items. Thus, you will not find organic foods using processing aids or fortifying agents. As against this, non-organic food items contain different types of additives, such as food preservatives, flavoring agents, colorings, artificial sweeteners and monosodium glutamate. All such additives can be harmful for your body, if used over a long period of time. Thus, it is always better to make a choice of organic food items over non-organic.

Effective for environment

The way organic food crops are grown is actually healthier for our environment. Organic farming methods and techniques do not cause pollution in the air and also protect the quality of soil and water. Additionally, organic food growth is also in favor of animals that are protected by the practices of organic farming. Therefore, every human being should try to contribute as much as possible to the environment. For this purpose, preferring the use of organic foods over non-organic foods is one method of reducing your carbon footprint.

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