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Oculus Headsets Make VR Gaming A Reality

Aug 12th 2015 at 5:08 AM

Expectations of people from Oculus Rift have always been quite expansive right from the day of its launch in 2011. It has revolutionized the world of 3-D games completely opening up new vistas for the players to follow. This technology has heralded a brand-new communication era for the people to use. This means that one has to look at the use of VR in the world of gaming as something always applicable in other spheres of life as well. Simply put on your goggles to enjoy live games, study in the classroom, or consult with your doctor without stepping outside your home.

This is what the virtual world is set to achieve in the coming times and Oculus has paved the way. It means going beyond immersive experiences to achieve true presence in the lives of people. Now here is a technology that you can use every day and benefit by existing inside the augmented space. These headsets do not only hang the big screen before your face, they combine:

· 360° visual

· Stereoscopic 3-D

· Expansive view

This works as super-size dosage of software engineering magic to hack inside the visual cortex of the individual. It is quite interesting that as far as your brain is concerned, it finds no difference between what you are viewing for real and what is happening virtually on the Rift. This is the very first instance of direct stimulation of the human visual mechanism. The upcoming headsets if the maker's claims are true are going to be quite affordable and immersive.

So what can you expect from this new Rift? Until now, one of the biggest problems with VR headset creating the make believe world was that it was blurry. One hopes that this new introduction is going to change everything. Through this, images are going to change with head movements of the individual precise, minus perceptible lag. It fuses readings from magnetometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer for evaluating head motion. It comes with AMOLED screens capable of switching colors within milliseconds.

People want images to fill up the visual field entirely minus any distortion. This is only possible through expensive, heavy lenses. Oculus Rift uses magnifying cheap lenses and the developers distort games from the first. So that when you view them through your optics, they will appear right. Position tracking also becomes possible with this headset. Look around all you want without moving. It contains an external small camera that monitors infrared 40 LEDs on tracking motion and headset. Users can easily lean, crouch, or approach in game objects without problems.

Those who have used the prototype are rapturous. The immersion levels possible through this are unique to the gaming world. It transforms experiences completely especially in the world of first-person videogames. What is more, gamers will not feel any kind of motion sickness by using the amazing new technology that you need to use to believe.

Virtual reality games are here to stay and you can become a part of it, follow its developments closely by visiting the website

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