New world Order Plan on the One Dollar Bill

Dec 6th 2010 at 7:03 AM

The intention of the Free masons to build a new world order is clearly shown on the one dollar Bill.
Look carefully at the image above.
-The eye towers over the bricks. Notice the light emanating from the eye:The eye is the tower of the the city.The light represents the knowledge (illumination)that we receive when our eyes are"open".(Gen 3:5).Just as the earthly sun is above our planet and sustains all life in the universe and gives them light,The eye also abides above the bricks and gives them light(illumination)therefore its is representative of a spiritual sun that sustains the collection of bricks below.i.e gives them "light" and sustenance.

Now ask Yourself: What happened when Eve ate of the forbidden tree?She changed, from being a divine being to a terrestrial and carnal being whose "eyes were opened".This signifies the creation of a new world order(she and all her future seed were now "new" beings,i.e sinners).That is why the words Novus Ordo Seclorum(new order of ages) are written below the bricks This inscription signifies the creation of a new world view.(A new consciousness in Humanity).

-Matt 6:22-23:"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! "

Note that it was the fruit (knowledge,"light")of the forbidden tree(Mind,or eye of satan) that "Opened Eve's Eyes:It is the Mystical knowledge or illumination that comes from the Eye(Mind)of Satan that opens the eye of Sin i.e conforms them into the sinful image of satan(John 8:44,1 John 3:8):

The Forbidden Tree
The Eye above the Pyramid represents the Forbidden Tree that man was forbidden to eat from:Satan is the base Mind(eye)that cuts man off from the Divine Mind of God and prevents Man from perceiving the truth.The Light from the Eye is the "Fruit" that God forbade man from eating(partaking of) (i.e the eye produces the light the same way a tree produces fruit)When we eat(are illuminated)of the satanic knowledge,It opens our carnal understanding and conforms us to the corrupted image of satan(the eye above,Gen 3:7,John 8:44).

The fruit of  the tree of the knowledge of good and evil made Adam and Eve  to "know good and evil"(i.e the name of the tree matched what it did to them Gen 3:5).:That is why the light from the eye opens the eye of the person it illuminates i.e It makes them to bear the same image as the eye: All Mystics are the custodians of the Light that opens the eye of Sin because their own eyes are have also been opened by satan and that is why they refer to themselves as the Illuminati(The enlightened ones):

The light that emanates from the eye is also symbolized in the Biblical account of the building and division of babel Gen 11:3 "And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and "burn" them thoroughly".What do builders use to burn brick?The sun rays of course. In other words these people were saying: Let us "make" humanity to think like we want them to think by "molding" and shaping their mind to conform to our principles(Manipulate them to think the way we want them to) and let us use them to build a new world(unite them under our cause into a "single" building) and illuminate them Thoroughly:Open their eyes i.e their carnal understanding which would make them "self conscious" with the luciferian light, the one that emanates from the eye above the city they were building.

When the light of the sun burns up the brick used by stone masons it makes the bricks harder and makes them last longer. In the same way, when this light "burns"The world it makes them even more hardened and unwilling to accept the christian worldview.

The Tower:
Proverbs 18:10 says :"The name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous runs into it and is safe"

From the above verse we can see that name of the Lord is a tower.In the same way, The Eye of this masonic order which is the tower of the city they are building is also the name that they want to make for themselves.(gen 11:4 .....and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth'. )This name means an image. So in other words what they are trying to say is :Let us make an open eye(god conscious) image in humanity and let this image unite us all as brothers.(Gen 3:5).The verse above also goes on to say:"the righteous run into it(the tower)and is safe.The meaning of this is that We are safe from God's wrath when we see with His eye,(mind,spirit:Psalm 32:8)

-Gen 11:4:"And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; ....

Notice that the builders of Babel wanted the tower to "reach unto Heaven".Heaven is the realm of God.The earth is the realm of men:"Reach unto Heaven" as used in the verse above simply means:"Let us establish the god conscious (open eye,exalted) state that satan promised Eve to rule over and subsequently elevate the earthly man(bricks below)to the god conscious state promised by Satan our father".The Process of making themselves and subsequently the rest of Humanity bear this satanic image(Through social engineering)is what occultists refer to as the Magnus Opus or the Great work.

When Adam and Eve saw with God's "Eye"They saw the things He wanted them to see: His glory and Kingdom and that was what made them to bear God's image(Because they were submissive to God's mind i.e they saw the way He saw.)When they saw with their own eyes they saw a false reality Their naked selves.Fact is when their eyes were "open"they lost sight of the truth:The God who covered them.In the same way,The masons like their father the devil want to fool You to think that the only way You can see, be "saved" and be brought to wholeness is by "running" into their tower i.e.Conforming to The open eye consciousness which they claim can bring You to wholeness,immortality and divinity (Gen 3:4-5)But what those who are fooled to accept this image fail to realize is that it blinds them from seeing their need for God:The truth.

That is why the Bible says in John 9:41:" Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth." Seeing with our own understanding is what blinds us to the truth of God and makes us sinners.It is only when God "blinds" our carnal understanding which satan has deceived us to embrace for ages and opens Our spiritual eyes with His light that we would be able to see who God really is and who we are really supposed to be.And that is why Is 42:19 says:" Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the LORD's servant?"

The annuit coeptis above the eye is a Latin inscription that means"Announcing the conception" This means when the eye is conceived in humanity, a new world comes into effect.One that is sinful and self conscious.

If You look carefully,You would also notice the words "In god we trust"written on it.Remember satan is the god of this world(2 cor 4:4)and all who have not repented and given their lives to Christ worship Him and see by his eyesight(light,Matt 6:22-23).The inscription:"in god we trust" simply means that The world the Freemasons build trust in the open eye consciousness which they have been fooled (by the serpent) to think makes them gods and brings them to wholeness(Gen 3:5-6)

He is also the mind of this evil world(Matt 16:23,Eph 2:2) and as long as we see with his evil eye(Mind,light:Matt 6:22-23),we would keep seeing the reality he wants us to see.To further prove that satan is the Mind that this evil world sees with here are the 1st lines of the luciferan prayer of a mystical group that worships lucifer:"Hail to thee: Lucifer! The Light of Illumination. For it is by thine Eye doth my "own mind take sight.Thy kingdom come, thy Will be done so Below as it is so Above.Take note of the fact that the prayer also says so below as it is so above.This confirms My earlier statement that luciferans want all who are below the tower to conform to the eye that towers above.
You can read the whole prayer :Here

I also want You to take note of the following:

There is a small owl just to the left of the "1" which appears on the upper right hand corner of the Dollar Bill. But what does the owl symbolize? The owl is a symbol of wisdom. Owls can see in the dark. They can see what we cannot see. Likewise, the Illuminati(all mystics) are privileged to information that is hidden from the general public.

Take a close look at the base of the pyramid above.You would notice the Roman Numerals:"MDCCLXVI .They would fool You to think that this represents the year that The US was founded.Big lie.If You add up each of the numerals without repeating them twice.You would get 666.d(500)+c(100)+l(50)+x(10)+v(5)+i(1)+666(Note that originally M wasn't used as a roman numeral.It was previously represented by a circled x(⊗ or ⊕)and then subsequently CIƆ.Also Note that the Modern day secret society the Illuminati was also founded in 1776

The Bible says in 1 cor 3:11:"For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ."Jesus Christ is the foundation of God's order i.e:Christians are built on Christ and His principles.And that is why they are all conformed to His divine image and live to seek His Glory.

The number 666 inscribed at the base of the pyramid symbolizes the fact that the Freemasons order is built upon the principles of what they call "christ consciousness": The idea that Humanity doesn't need Jesus Christ to save them but can save themselves by looking within themselves to solve all their problems and bring themselves to wholeness(Gen 3:5) i.e it is built on secular and Humanist values with the aim of making Humanity rely on Self works and their own ideas to improve and save themselves i.e exalting the self over Jesus.And that is why everyone in this order is self seeking, carnal and live to seek glory for themselves.

Also if You carefully count the bricks in the picture You would notice that they number 72 and that they are arranged in 13 rows.Spiritually,72 symbolizes the nations of the earth.13 Is the number of man playing god(6 number of man+7 number of God)and that is why it is generally taken by many to symbolize rebellion:"Man feeling he can do without God".The masons want to mold the nations of the world(bricks below)to conform to the "god man" image that their father the devil promised them(Gen 3:5)

Also,in the image above take note of how prominently the number 13 is used:
* 13 leaves in the olive branch
* 13 bars and stripes in the shield
* 13 arrows in the right claw
* 13 letters in the "E Pluribus Unum" on the ribbon
* 13 stars arranged in the form of hexagram in the green crest above (Which symbolize the union of the initiate with the god consciousness above i.e 6(man)+7(god)=13 i.e.god man whose eyes have been opened.)
* 13 granite stones in the Pyramid.
* 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis.

The Latin Phrase "E Pluribus Unum" which means "One out of many"which is inscribed on the ribbon shows their plan to unite a diversified humanity under one umbrella.(Its no coincidence that its on the "one" dollar bill:"One world")

Take a careful look at the eagle above.The eagle represents the American president.The legs of the eagle represent the two tasks that the American President needs to accomplish in order to usher in the NWO.( war and peace)

Take note of the fact that the eagle holds 13 arrows in its right leg.This symbolizes the war that has to be fought to destroy the old world (arrows are used by archers to fight battles).Also,Notice the olives in the eagles left leg.This symbolizes the new age and era of peace that is to be ushered in after the old world has been destroyed(olives symbolize peace)also notice the eagle faces the side of the olives.This symbolizes the fact that the objective of the war is to destroy all opposing civilizations and to usher in a "new era" of "peace" and oneness.Creating a common enemy for the world and uniting them to fight against it is the path they choose to unite the once divided world and by this usher in a New World order of oneness and cooperation(Hegelian Dialectics).

It should also be noted that the Eagle has 32 feathers in its right wing, but 33 in its left wing. The 32 feathers represent the number of ordinary degrees of the Scottish Rite, and the 33 feathers representing the 33º of Freemasonry. The tail feathers number 9, The number of degrees in the York Rite. The eagle itself is a prominent icon of Masonry, being used extensively in the Scottish Rite.

Also,when a hexagram or greater Seal of Solomon ,a powerful tool used by pagans to invoke Satan is placed over the image one of the anagrams of all the letters that point to each of the the sides of the hex are :"Mason" which shows that it is the masons that construct this order.The last side of the hex points to the eye meaning that the masons build with the guidance of the light from the eye above.

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