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3 years ago

Networking, The most basic business building tool in today's competitive Marketing world

Jan 28th 2013 at 1:52 AM

Networking is a low-cost activity that involves more personal commitment than company money.

Networking is an essential life skill, it is also the most basic business building tool in today's competitive market. Networking will account for more than 87 per cent of all business today's market place. Many businesses will have Networking as a core section of their strategy. Those that have developed a robust network of connections suppliers and companies are seen as Networked Companies, and will tend to source the business and their suppliers with the network of relationships they've already in place. Networking and Network marketing Works and works well if applied in the right manner, the right mindset with the right leaders and  company The problem is 97% of people in  these networking businesses fail

So why is it that most  networking businesses fail for certain individuals?

It's because they are not consistent enough with the process in Network Marketing and they don't become successful because they jump from business to business, launch to launch thinking the grass is greener on the other side, and thinking that there is something wrong with the business they were in the first place, when infact the business they were in has nothing wrong with it at all. It becomes what i call the networking disease as people are constantly pitched opportunity's everyday and if you don't have the disciplined mindset to begin with people will tend to drop what they are working and jump on the next train , thinking it's the company's fault, were in fact there is nothing wrong with the company at all. I call them Network junkies The truth is they are not focused or consistent enough to build there business the right way , always looking for the get rich quick magic formula, I myself have only been networking for a short time and i have met a lot of different people in the network marketing profession, In that short time i have also seen the same people jump ships or pitch a new opportunity every other week. Now don't get me wrong because i digg having multiple streams of income and there is nothing wrong with that , I have 3 streams of income as it is now and have been consistent on one of them as a primary focus. The grass isn't greener on the other side , the grass is greener were you water it-Dave Sharpe But my point is that you can't possibly be focused on being consistent if you are jumping on the next big opportunity launch every other week , nor joining because you see somebody else succeeding it.

So how do you  Succeed in Networking / Network Marketing?

Here's a few pointers to help get you started right .Choose the right sponsor. This is crucial to your success and the right one will help coach you to your success. .Choose the right company for you. Do some research to determine which company is best for you personally. .Realize that it will take time. Network Marketing or M.L.M (multi level marketing) is real business and not a get rich quick scheme. .Have a game plan. Literally, write out your plan for building your business. You will have greater success than those who don't. .Read books and listen to Audios by those who have been successful. .The why is most important. Why are you getting involved? Better lifestyle or Freedom or Financial security. Now, define what that means to you. .Set written goals. You must have a end goal in mind and set mini goals so you can celebrate you success as you go along .Study your products and learn them well. You can not sell something you are not familiar with. .Share your products and opportunity at every chance you get. Build relationships and invite people to see your opportunity. Build relationships and invite people to look at an opportunity is all we do in this Industry. If you're selling your failing :)- Eric green Not knowing the difference will hold you back from reaching your goals,

In the industry of network marketing you need to be able to get results, and to get results you need to understand how to ask for results, no one is born with a 6 figure spoon in there mouth but everyone is born to be able to create results to become a six figure earner. By finding the right sponsor and the right company for you the possibility's are endless, I was lucky enough to find both of these and joined one of the biggest Networking movements of time, a company that has recruited over 80,000 members and paid out over $ yes that's right 30 million dollars in less than 15 months from first launching in a hotel room of less than 30 people. That company is The Empower Network If you been struggling on the internet trying to find something that actually works and makes money online  then look no further than our system, the Empower Network Super Elite Marketers Club, will show you that there’s no secret to making money online you just need the right opportunity and the right training under the right people (that’s were we come in).


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