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Networking Excuses…Which One Do You Use?

Aug 1st 2010 at 5:17 PM

If you’re looking for a job, stop making excuses for not getting out and networking!  Here are some favorites I have heard:


  • I’m too busy.   What does that mean? We can all be too busy to avoid doing things that we don’t want to do. So, prioritize your day and make sure that your job search fits in a high order of importance.   If you truly need a job, then you need to be “busy” working on your job search! If you are unemployed, you should make searching for a new opportunity your full time job. If you are already networking, you can increase your job leads by simply increasing your number of contacts.  Just one new lead every day adds 30 new active job leads each month!  Throw away this excuse and get busy meeting one new person today!


  • Networking makes me uncomfortable.  Most people are a little shy when they first start networking.  In addition, most professionals who are at a networking event feel a little uncomfortable.  Just stay focused on why you are there.  One tip is to just watch and listen to those around you for a few minutes before joining in a friendly conversation.  Or, try to locate one person that you think may be able to help you with your search and target a conversation with that person.  Or, maybe the ice breaker will be your offer to assist someone in the crowd.  That person then becomes a positive lead for you.  You don’t have to make friends or talk to lots of people.  Quality contacts are better than a quantity of contacts. Follow up with each new contact with a friendly phone or email and don’t be afraid to ask them for help with your job search.  Most people like to help others when and if they can. 


  • I don’t need help. If this were true, you would have a job…right?  When you are searching for a job, you should be accepting help from anyone who can help or is offering help! Better yet, you need to let everyone know that (1) you are looking for a job, (2) ask if they know of any job leads and (3) how qualified you are for that new opportunity! 


  • I don’t understand how to use social media sites.  Haven’t you noticed how few classified ads there are any more?  Haven’t you noticed that there are over 500,000 Facebook users now?  How about LinkedIn?  Do you have a strong professional profile set up that actively establishes your brand?  Statistics don’t lie.  More and more people are getting jobs through their social media contacts.  So, it is important to read articles, educate yourself, and get socially connected through LinkedIn, Facebook and other sites that can be useful to your job search.  (See my previous post “Top 5 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Contacts”)


Networking can be as simple as asking others to keep their eyes open for you. Many times resumes are passed on, interviews are scheduled and jobs are offered because a name was mentioned by the “right person.”  While networking may seem intimidating and overwhelming, it is necessary and can be extremely effective in your job search.

Practice, practice, practice.  One step and one new contact at a time.  Once you practice a few times, your confidence and your results will positively impact your overall job search!  Wishing you success…


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