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Name Plates: Materials

Dec 10th 2015 at 11:25 PM

Name plates are an essential fixture that goes with your doors and entry gates. Particular care should be taken while installing these plates, because they could make or break the first impression that your premises casts on your visitors. They can be simple, delicate, rough-looking for the outdoors or ornately designed for posh residences. When visitors come to your place, the first thing they see is the name plaque. This tells them a lot about you and your home to them. You want this to be a good impression. Custom name plates are made to order these days, seeing the importance of first impressions.

While having engraved name plates made for your residence or other premises, make sure that you properly discuss it with the artisan. He should know how to spell your name and other credentials that will go on the plate. Engraved name plates look best when the material is wood. Metal may reflect too much light and make the credentials unreadable. This may not be desirable in places where readability is required, like outdoors. Although metal is more durable than wood, outdoors it may reflect more than required.

For indoor purposes and official use, office name plates have a completely different design. Metal is predominantly used and preferred to wood. It gives a professional look, and fits well with indoor lighting conditions. Thin sheets of metal with engraved names and designations are the standard design. If someone wishes to deviate from this, then a professional choice needs to be made. Usually, office signage needs to be simple and straightforward, which is the convention for professionalism. These name plates are made from brass, a brownish-golden-yellow tinge, which makes it easy for the eyes to read as compared to a white one. Sometimes wood is used too, in case the interiors demand that material be conformant. Wooden name plates are more a characteristic of residential buildings rather than official.

Brass name plates are used for indoor applications, because outdoor harshness may cause them to corrode and waste away. They demand a fair level of maintenance is required in order for them to retain their texture and lustre. One needs to use special liquids meant specifically for this purpose. Such name plates also require frequent wax-polishing in order to look glossy like new.

While metal is popular in offices, residences work well with wooden name plates. It gives a down-to-earth feeling to the home, adding a sense of security. Woods come in different textures and colors, thus the name plates made out of this material give you a range of choice. You can mix-match according to the fa├žade and colors of your home. You can also experiment with the font you want on the plates.

Name plates are asset to protect. Since you are investing a considerable amount of money, they need to be properly taken care of. To have a low maintenance but good looking name plate made, you can hire professional name plaque consulting service.

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