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Millionaires - My Life My Way - Article 4

Nov 7th 2010 at 7:22 PM

Who does not want to be a millionaire and continue to be so. But there are people who refuse to be one or donate millions. Allen and Violet Large of Lower Truro, N.S., Canada gave away most of their lottery win of whopping 11.2 million Canadian Dollars. The elderly couple live in their 147 old house, drive 1987 Dodge Diplomat for decades before winning the Lotto 649 in July, 2010. They just retained 2% of their winning and continue to enjoy their country life.
When I was working in Uganda, as a Bank Manager, I met major D, the 4th in command of local military, who walked into the Bank to open a checking account. Later we chatted in my office and I told him that I see from his face that he would become the District Commanding Officer. He said I was the second person to forecast that although a very elderly person in his former post had told him about that happening. Within next two month he took charge of local unit and became Colonel D. We became close friends. But as Asians were expelled by Gen Idi Amin Dada, i decided to return to Kenya. So I told Colonel D that I had made up my mind to return to Kenya. During my last week he called me to his barracks. After tate-a- tate over coffee, he opened a big box and threw the contents all over his huge table. Lo, it was all golden ornaments. He asked me how much that would be. I said it was close to, present time, 1 million  US$. He said all that was a gift for me and he would himself drive me across the border in a Military Vehicle. I refused to accept the gift, because it was stolen from Asians leaving the country and that religiously was haram (not permitted) for me to accept such gift. He was very unhappy. However,  I told him regardless of that he could come to Kenya, and I will always be there to look after him when needed.
While I took up a job in a Bank in Kenya, I was offered to run a Turkish Restaurant on consignment. The proposal from the owner was brought to me by his Accountant. I went across to evaluate the restaurant and business. It catered Turkish food and had a Bar. It had a high 5 figure turnover per day. Upon asking what was percentage profit on food-soft drinks and the bar, he said 75% was from the Bar. I told the Accountant that if the owner agreed, I would have to build a wall between food-soft drinks and the bar and that on my side no liquors would be allowed, as my religion does not permit to have or deal in intoxicating drinks. However I told the Accountant that he could be my partner and keep 75% of the net profit. The net profit per year after purchases/expenses ran in millions of Kenya Shillings. The owner refused to have a wall built as suggested by me. Therefore I refused to oversee to run the restaurant.
Later on I left the Bank and joined a Beach Hotel Chain and became Financial Controller, earning the highest salary in Kenya accountants circle. After 7 years working there I opened a 72 sit restaurant on the main road with 18 employees catering 150 local and foreign food and drinks. One night as the restaurant was closed and cleaning was in progress a person from Tanzania knocked the door. Despite the staff refusing entry he kept knocking. So I went to the main door. He said that he is a traveler and he is hungry, if I could help him. He also said he had no money. We served him dinner. He left with a promise that he would come back some day and pay for the dinner and drinks. After two months he showed up during day time and paid my dues. Then he handed me a Kenya Shilling 100 currency note and asked me to inspect the note and give my comments. I inspected the note and told him everything was okay except the black wire inserted therein was slighter thicker than the one in a normal note and therefore it is a forged note. Because of my Bank experience I could tell that. It would otherwise pass as a genuine currency note. He told me that I was right and that such currency notes came from Italy and have running serial number. And because I trusted him for dinner he would trust me and supply me such notes in 1 million at a time. Also that after disposing or banking the notes he would expect me to pay 10 % of the face value. I could keep 90%. But I refused to handle the deal for the same reason (haram) as gift of gold from Colonel D.
Just like Allen and Violet Large, I have been a contented happy man, with a 2800 square feet home, business and beautiful wife and children. My dear wife passed away in 2006. Yet the life has to go on.  

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