Mentally Hyp Movie Review!

Dec 12th 2010 at 7:33 AM

I am one that loves to watch movies.  I have directed a few that went to film festivals and have done well in their own right.  I do love when you come across a film or documentary that sticks with you for weeks if not months.  The kind of film that makes you look within yourself and makes you wonder about life and its intricacies.



I am an avid user of  There are tons of television shows and movies and I am always watching the documentaries.   This is where i found this gem of a documentary called.  "We live in Public."  The documentary follows the life of internet guru and artist Josh Harris. It follows Josh in his life as a retrospect to the escapades he had after starting a website in the early 90’s which was years ahead of its time.

He becomes one of many in the era of the dot com kids. Although Josh was a bit more of an artist and thinker when it came to the process of how he goes about spending his money and time after making close to eighty million dollars. The course of the film speaks mountains about what is happening in the time and place we lie in the here and now Dec of 2010. The fact that we if not most of those who use the internet are using some sort of social networking and placing ourselves into the vast numbers of ones and zeros.

Josh has since left the industry and returned and left again. Last seen somewhere in Africa. It is unsure if Josh will return again to his old life or of he has traveled so deeply into the rabbit hole and has seen our future that he wants nothing more to do with the world we are living in. He has seen our destruction and he even proved it to himself in the experiments he experienced. Take a sit back and dive into the world, and mind of a genius who has seen the world in a way many never get the chance to experience. Ondi Timoner has brought a film that should be seen by everyone at least once. Sex, drugs, rock and roll, fame, debauchery, guns, life and death are all shown in this film which shows as truthfully as it can the moments of a man torn by his past and ripped at the seams by the fear of loss of fame created, and the future he sees in his mind. To seeing a man who has found peace within himself and reconciliation with his past the only way he can. This is a film that personally is still affecting me and is still changing many of my thoughts and beliefs. I definitely recommend this gem of a film!


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