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Memorize the Rules of Tajweed for the Perfect Recitation of the Quran

Jun 13th 2015 at 1:06 PM

Tajweed is necessary in order to recite the Quran as it is considered to be the word from the Divine. The recitation and the pronunciation of each letter have to be done correctly. Learning Tajweed will protect the tongue from making hidden and unobvious mistakes while reading Quran. There should not be any exaggeration or deficiency during the pronunciation.

Unlike the English language, letters in the Arabic language have an exit point called Makhraj which originates from either the mouth or the throat. Apart from Makhraj, Tajweed also helps in learning the characteristics of each letter which is called Sifaah. The meaning of the words in Quran can be mistakenly changed if the person who recites does not know the correct articulation points for the words. In order to recite Quran, it is mandatory for the person to learn Tajweed. It helps to bring out the confidence while reciting Quran.

Scholars have believed that Tajweed rules are necessary in order to recite Quran as avoiding clear mistakes and hidden mistakes are the obligations of every Muslim. Some letters have to be merged while some letters have to be hyphenated and pronounced for reciting Quran. The letters can either have a light accent or a heavy accent. This can be identified only by learning Tajweed rules.

The Prophet has said that reading Quran correctly is essential, as the noble Quran can testify against the person if he fails to observe the laws of Tajweed. Simple mistakes can turn the word ‘Qalb’ meaning heart into ‘Kalb’ meaning dog. This makes a huge difference as Quran is considered to be the word of Allah.

There are a few tips available which can be helpful for learning Tajweed.

· Quran teacher certified in Ijazah can help in listening to the recitation and correcting the mistakes. They can correct the sounds and the movements of the mouth in order to pronounce the letters and the words without mistakes.

· Local mosques can also help in teaching Tajweed as Quran recitation has been passed down over many generations directly from the Prophet.

· There are many books available with the Tajweed rules. The person can slowly learn each rule and apply it while reading the Quran.

· Tajweed videos and audios are also available for free online. People can learn the correct exit points and articulation through these videos.


Since there are many Tajweed rules to remember, Ibn al-Jazaree created a poem which includes all the rules in it. Memorizing this poem can help the person to remember the Tajweed rules while reciting the Quran.

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