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Market research agencies London: It’s time to buckle up your sack

Dec 22nd 2015 at 12:12 AM

Research agencies are an important backbone for companies, but unfortunately this sector of the industry is losing its hold. Statement is harsh! But loopholes are no less.

Let us have a look at some of the concerns companies and the entire market research agencies are facing:

•    Research buyers are slow in accepting the changes in the business environment:
Increasingly small budgets and the complexities in choosing the right research methodologies, is causing all the topsy-turvy in the industries and across all market research agencies UK. Panels are starving due to lack of co-operative respondents because no individual wishes to work on desktop related surveys, thus result being biased and incomplete or random survey completions.  It has become the need of the day for companies to understand the changing business needs and grow strategically by keeping in mind the needs of the market research sector.

•    Things need not be the same way always:
A blame game is not the solution to tackle issues related to a business. Things need not have to be this way. The bitter truth is, research and surveys can be inexpensive, quick and efficient with the help of mobile or business application development. So, no more blame games, no more monotony and above all no in-attentive or incomplete researches.

•    Accept your responsibility:
It is important that market research agencies accept their responsibility and stay challenged by their employers, shareholders etc. from time to time. Good motivation equals to excellent output. So, buyers and market research agencies London  it’s time to listen up and implement few best changes for your work system:
1.    If you are still involved in running the long desktop surveys, then it is you with whom the changes need to begin showing its true colour. Blaming your suppliers or panelists is not the solution.

2.    For sample companies and market research companies it’s high time to stop the blame game and loose end work. You help a company run its business or a client achieves not just profit but build their reputation too. If this is not your understanding then you should brace up and engage yourself in all trends related to running surveys and get over the lethargic and life less survey reports. Pave way to technology and let technology teach you the true fruits of running a well completed and reputable research.

The pace of change in technology is breathtaking and change in the research industry is getting out of anyone’s control. But, things may begin well if every trend is followed and implemented the best way for your profit and for your company.  It’s time to be more device agnostic, mobile friendly, technology savvy and time to get rid of those long desktop surveys. Change is good. Follow that & Live that!

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