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Nov 23rd 2010 at 10:16 PM


Hi, hello and thanks again reading our articles, don t forget leave comments, or write us, we would be very pleased!!


So the topic of today is, why our FORTELOTTO syndicates (lotto-playgroups) are winning prizes(money) regularly and you as a lonesome player never???


Okay, first let me explain what a syndicate is.


A (lotto) syndicate is a group of lotto, lottery players who plays in the same group, with the same lotto, lottery and withe the same sytem of numbers.


Most people, who plays Lottery or the lotto are playing by there selves once a week, twice a week and play year in and year out with the same numbers, and be honest with yourself, when you play, mostly you are playing with numbers of the date of birth of your child(ren), wife, husband, lucky numbers, I meqn almost everybody has a(or more) lucky number(s).

But what you just have been reading here, and please read again, is the main reason nobody win, and will never win the lotto, lottery he/she is playing with.

And, yes I tell you why right now:)  It s simple, has to do with plain matematics, we have 365 days in an year so when most people play with the so called birthday numbers, yes they do then when once in a lifetime you win a price, for example in the lotto, many many peolpe you have to share the price with!!!!


So think about it, the change to win a price in a lottery, or lotto is very very small, and when you win, once in your lifetime, the change you must share it with 1000 s of other players is very, very high, Sounds familiar doesn t it?????!

WE will never tell, or promise you that with o


ur lotto syndicates you win every week a (big) price, we never will, is proven that syndicates, so lotto,lottery playgroups like our FORTELOTTO lotto syndicates are winning much, yes much more often small prices!!!!


How this is possible?? magic???a scam???? no, it s pure analytics and mathematics not more and not less.At FORTELOTTO SYNDICATES you play in a group so for example you play in the same group together with 99 other fellow lottery and lotto players, yes thhis syndicate plays with 100 players, correct?

This means we at FORTELOTTO are playing with much, much more different numbers as if you would play alone, for example, we play at FORTELOTTO in the german national lottery the SKL, here they draw prices every day, with our syndicates, every hour!!!!( yes it s true!!).And our FORTELOTTO syndicates are playing also with the european lottery Euromillions, the biggest lottery in Europe with drawings every friday in paris with a minimum price of 15.000.000. When you would play alone in these best european lotteries you would pay a little fortune every month to play.

In our FORTELOTTO SYNDICATE you play with the german SKL every hour, yes 7 days a week with not 1 ticket, what normally a player does, but with 7 , 100% tickets( 100% means when there is a price this tickets get 100% of the price)

That means every hour drawnings, and the normal "every day drawnings"you will get:...

24 hours a day to 30 days in a month =720 you would play with 7 tickets=1540...

SO READ CAREFULLY!!! IN OUR FORTELOTTO LOTTO SYNDICATE YOU HAVE 1520 changes to win a price evry month, and that s not all this is only the german lottery, you would also play in the Euromillions normally 1 ticket to play every week, we play with 5 systemtickets every week, that means you have with the euromillions lottery 25 changes a month but not with 4 or 5 boxes they play normally but over 1000, so in total you have over 2500 changes every month to win prices, and that s not all, at euromillions we pick the numbers by ourselves, we have 3 mathematcs from the university who work only for us at teh head-office of MPRO HOLDING and the claculate the best numbers .

You see, I will explain in a next article how they work okay?


But the bottom line is that in a syndicate, as a player you have much much and much more chanches to win prices at a regularly basis. It s proven!! and much more fun.


Normal lwise a single player who plays our system must pay per month 1000 s and 1000 s of Euro, s , yes dollars much more:) in our Syndicate you pay only 50,- Euro s.

We say for years and years, WE PLAY TOGETHER, WE WIN TOGETHER AND WE SHARE (THE PRICES) TOGETHER!!! and I always say:......I better share a price or prices, then never win a price, AM I RIGHT??!!!

That s why FORTELOTTO is expanding unbelievable fast, wordwide.

We are now, I mean henri does:) developing a full affiliate system for you, if you re interested  when selling our FORTELOTTO SYNDICATES (only) through the internet you not only become a big bonus when you sell the first time, but AS LONG AS THE PLAYER PLAYS YOU GET PAYD< EVERY MONTH!!.


So I hope you learn a little about why playing in a syndicate and why a single player never wins.


We start from january 20100 with the new FORTELOTTO SYNDICATE product for the affiliates worldwide and when you have interest being obe of the first, contacts us okay??


Thanks for reading and please feel free, please do!! to write comments.


When you are looking for a product almost everybody uses, or plays, ask your self, everybody is playing in a lottery, or lotto, A WORLDWIDE BOOMING MARKET!!!



Best Lotto wishes


Henri & Harry



HERE IS OUR BLOG is the Blog for FORTE-LOTTO we will be updating this blog from next week






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