Letters to an American

Sep 4th 2015 at 11:42 AM

Letters to an American: “Why are you hated?” is an essay written by Victor Soltero explaining the deeds of USA that has made itself good as well as a bad character across the various parts of a world. It looks like a self-contradictory topic that has generated two different ideas of opposite poles. Here he presents the idea behind the society being the most loved one as well as the hated one.

Plot: He considers American society as the most powerful as well as the energetic one in the planet at current times yet as equally loved and hated one. Here he presents the views of both the supporters as well as those who oppose them. As per the opponents, Americans are like imperialists and bad people who can do anything for the gain of power. On the other hand, the writer has also stated the fact that America has lost the culture of its own making itself as a fragile society. Also, he has attacked the notion that Americans are one of the largest consumers in the world. When half of the world is suffering from poverty and suffering, its people consume the materials carelessly which in turn creates scarcity of goods in the 3rd world countries.

Positives: Though a lot of these facts are true, the writer also emphasizes the fact that it has also done a lot of good deeds. Though its army has breached the international security, yet it is the same army that helped win the world wars. Though they lack culture, but still most of the major cultural, as well as social revolutions, came from there. The world is benefited by the presence of America alone.

Conclusion: In the nutshell, America can't be described by a piece of text. Its society, so dynamic that every theory gets proven wrong here. Maybe there are lots of bad people here, but it’s equally filled with good and capable people. So in my opinion America is like an image in a mirror to a viewer who is unable to distinguish between the object and the image. And I guess, it will take quite a time to explain it too.

America has always been like a dual character and the author here is just trying to present the scenario. Let it be the cases of worldwide welfare during the disasters as well as its program to uproot terrorism, America has been like a good big brother for every other smaller country. Whereas at the same time the global community has found it to be doing things that are simply unacceptable by the global law. It enters other nations without permission as well as does military operations outside its jurisdiction. Also there has been lots of dispute in the name of world peace. So America has been more of an unpredictable person in the group who always performs as per its selfish wish and the writer is just trying to present the fact through his essay.

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