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Learn Tajweed to Pronounce and Recite Quran without any Hidden Mistakes

Jun 13th 2015 at 1:05 PM

Quran can only be effective when it can be understood clearly. Even though listening to the recitation can be a calming experience, reciting Quran by oneself can definitely create a difference in people. Tajweed means proficiency and hence it is necessary to learn tajweed in order to pronounce Quran correctly while reciting it.

Originally during the years of Prophet, Arabs were well versed in Tajweed but as Arabs started mixing with the non Arabic Islam people mistakes were found during the recitation of Quran. The mistakes are generally classified into two groups, clear mistakes and hidden mistakes. Clear mistakes are wrong pronunciation of simple words or letters which ultimately leads to changing of the meaning of the word itself. Most Muslims may not make this simple mistake while reciting the Quran. Hidden mistakes can only be avoided when the rules of Tajweed are studied and followed.

Some of the hidden mistakes which can be avoided by reading the tajweed rules are:

· Proper elongation of the letters while pronouncing the word

· Follow the right attributes of the letter like the rolling of R in ‘Raa’

· Observe the rules to merge the letters in certain words and to clearly pronounce the letters in hyphenated words like ith-haar.

· Proper pronunciation of light letters and heavy letters.

Tajweed rules also teach the person to recite the Quran in a slow and measured tone instead of hurrying up. There should be pauses whenever the aayah ends. It should also be recited in a melodic tone as it beautifies the Quran. People feel every word of Quran when they recite slowly and melodically. As Quran is believed to be the words of Allah, many feelings like love, warning, parables, hope and command are expressed in the book.

Learning Tajweed and Arabic can help the people to gain confidence when they recite Quran. There are a few useful tips for learning Tajweed.

· Even though Tajweed can be studied by oneself, it is better to learn it from an experienced teacher as it mainly comprises of the movements of the mouth and the sounds of the words.

· There are books and tapes available which shows pictorial representation of the correct pronunciations.

· Read the rules little by little everyday till it can be perfected and memorized.


It is necessary to practice the entry and exit point of each letter according to the Tajweed rules in order to recite the Quran correctly. Observing the rules of pronunciation is an obligation to everyone who recites the Quran.

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