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Knowing the different vacuum sealer and other sealing methods

Jul 9th 2015 at 12:55 AM

Nowadays different kinds of sealing methods are in vogue in packaging. Industrial packaging is a varied field today. Among the different methods that are used for sealing packages, gas flush sealer is one method that is used. Here an inert gas is used for eliminating oxygen from the package. As air or oxygen is the main reason why parasites and other elements can thrive and break down a substance, the main aim of packaging is to remove oxygen completely. Gas flushing is one method whereby inert gases like carbon dioxides, nitrogen and other exotic gases like helium or argon are used to eliminate oxygen from these packages. This kind of packaging is called Modified Atmosphere Packaging. There are several industries where this kind of packaging is used like snack food items, coffee, pre baked products, poultry and meat as well.

There are several benefits of using the gas flush sealer technique. In this technique the atmosphere inside the package is modified. The amount of oxygen that is present is reduced to three percent or less by this method. The inert gases that are used in this process of sealing are denser in volume than oxygen. As the oxygen is forced out of the product packaging, it helps to extend the shelf life of the products. The product integrity is maintained as well as discoloration is prevented. For items like chips, this kind of sealing method also provides a buffer against damage.

The vacuum sealer method on the other hand, is a method that removes air completely from packaging of certain goods. When it comes to packaging of dried food items, coffee products, electronic items and others, this kind of sealing method is used. As exposure to air usually leads to breakdown of these substances, this kind of sealing method is used. There are variants in this sealing method. There is the heat sealer method which is a heavy duty machine that draws the air out of the poly bag and then seals the bag. Here the volume of the packaged product is also reduced. Usually, in this method, an air compressor is used which blows air through a metal tube. The compressed air then is drawn out from the bag and the air is removed and a heat sealing bar then closes the bag and seals the container.

The aim of the different sealing methods is the same but there are benefits and drawbacks of each method. One needs to consult with a packaging consultant in order to understand the right sealing or packaging method that would be ideal for one’s product. Preserving the product, its contents and protecting the integrity of the product and increasing its shelf life should be the main aim of the packaging and sealing method that is chosen for a product. These points need to be considered when the packaging and sealing method is being decided for a product. One can look up the different sealing methods like vacuum sealer and their technology on online resources.

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