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Know the Signs of a Scorpion Sting

Mar 31st 2015 at 11:26 PM

Scorpions may be one of nature’s most intimidating creations. With their unique frame and threatening tail complete with a hooked stinger, it’s no wonder why people cringe at the mere thought of encountering one. However, humans do come into contact with scorpions which are why knowing the symptoms of a sting is very important. Knowing what to watch out for can help parents react correctly when they or their child is stung.

Not all scorpion stings are life threatening, but few people can tell the difference on their own. For this reason, the very first response in the event of a scorpion sting is to seek medical attention or to call a poison control center as soon as possible.

Some scorpion stings will present symptoms that are considered to be mild. The sting of a scorpion can be extremely painful. Although this can really frighten parents, knowing that it is a normal reaction can help them keep themselves from falling into panic. The site of the sting may be numb, or may tingle, and some swelling can be expected to be present.

The more worrisome symptoms of scorpion stings can be alarming to parents. These can include internal symptoms such as higher or lower blood pressure, or a change in heart rate. Different people react to scorpion stings in different ways, so watching for any abnormalities can help parents identify when something is not right. Severe symptoms can also present on the outside as well. A child (or adult) may start to drool, experience twitches in their muscles, or begin to sweat. Some people who have been stung will vomit. Watching for these signs is important because they can be clear indicators that the reaction to the sting is more likely to be dangerous.

Scorpions are a threatening prop used in many Hollywood videos, but it’s important that people, particularly parents make themselves aware of scorpions that may be in their area. Knowing the signs and symptoms of mild vs severe stings can come in handy at home as well as during times of travel. In any case, if a parent suspects that they or their child has been stung by a scorpion, contacting poison control, or seeking in-person medical attention is certainly advised.

Keeping calm and documenting any changes or reactions can help the parent relay important information when their nerves start kicking in. With more knowledge about scorpion stings in circulation, parents can help keep themselves and their children safe with appropriate reactions to a potential sting.

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Author Bio:

David has over 10 years of experience dealing with Pest Control situations. You can find his thoughts at livejournal blog.

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