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Know About DPF, ECU, Engine Remapping, Chip Tuning And Tuning

Nov 14th 2014 at 10:21 PM

In the automobile industry, various types of technologies are used for the purpose of maintenance, repair, and smooth running of the vehicles. For instance DPF or Diesel Particlulate Filter Removal process is used to prevent contaminations to the vehicle. This dispenses with the necessity of expensive engine replacements and saves power as well.

Engine Remapping

When the technicians remap engine they will basically alter the ECU information. There is a host of ways for ensuring engine remapping but it would be good if some reliable and reputable service provider takes care of the remapping process because they will know exactly what is required for the vehicle and thus take appropriate care of its repair or maintenance. Benefits of such remapping are that it reduces the fuel consumption without sacrificing power.

Chip Tuning

In most of the modern automobile engines one would find EMS or the engine management system as well as the ECU or the engine control unit. These components can be modified catering to divergent types of settings. Manufacturing engines with different models befitting divergent platforms can help the manufacturers sell them in multiple markets where the preferences and requirements of customers are different from each other. Chip tuning can be of various types and it includes performance tuning that enhances reliability as well as fuel efficiency besides power, torque, and output. Use of increased compression ratio can increase the volumetric efficiency of the vehicle.

Use of DPF

DPF or the diesel particulate filter will usually work combining with oxidation catalyst as well as the EGR valve and they remove various impurities from burned diesel fuels. Internal features of the component have porous honeycomb structure which is used to catch soot as its passes through the filter. When the soot builds up inside, onboard computer controls the process of fuel injection. This allows unburned fuel to get inside the filter at specific intervals. Flaring off the fuel generates increased temperature chopping of the soot by 90%.

Functioning of ECU

Engine control unit which is known as ECU in brief is also known as the PCM or power train control module. It is electronic control unit that can control a whole series of actuators on any of the internal combustion engine. The control unit performs this task by studying values from whole multitude of sensors. These sensors interpret data using the look up tables. It is a great technological development that has replaced the earlier mechanical and dynamic controlled pneumatic methods used for the purpose of engine control.

Automobile Tuning

Tuning refers to the process through which the parameters of a specific device is changed upwards or downwards improving its overall performance. More than any other, automobiles require tuning because the performance can be improved only when the engine is tuned properly. Tuning could be general but it is more often the performance tuning that takes the driver’s seat in the work of the automobile engineers and technicians.

For efficiency of the automobile chip tuning in the engine control unit is a must and that is why they have assumed major importance on the task list of the automobile engineers.

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