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Key Points to Keep in Mind before Buying Pre Insulated Piping System

Oct 15th 2015 at 3:10 AM

Pre-insulated pipes are flexible, durable, maintenance-free solutions for piping projects requiring above or below ground piping for residential or commercial hydronic radiant heating, portable water, and cooling applications. They are designed for efficient insulated underground piping, thanks to their lightweight and flexible properties that make them quick and easy to install yet strong enough to tackle different applications. They typically come with long coil lengths to make buried connections easier to manage, thus saving time and money and at the same time reducing liability concerns. The following are major benefits of pre-insulated piping systems over plastic and rigid pre-insulated pipes along with reasons why you should consider pre-insulated pipes over conventional piping implements and devices for your next project:

  • They offer superior quality insulation that protects against heat loss without needing additional insulation work.
  • Find the right manufacturer and service provider and you will get the most competitive prices for your piping supply needs. The best suppliers can provide you with the tightest bend radii on top of other specifications you may need to satisfy your project's needs. Some will even custom cut-to-length your pipes for even quicker and easier installation.
  • Pre-insulated pipes are lightweight and flexible and they are available in long coil lengths so there are no needs for too many underground joints that need to be welded or soldered, expanded, and fitted to ensure proper connections and reduce potential leak points.
  • Pre-insulated pipes are faster to install as they have the ability to snake around barriers, corners, and obstacles and they offer superior durability even in harsh environments.

A pre-insulated pipe typically consists of three different parts. The innermost layer consists of a carrier pipe, usually made out of steel, copper, or plastic. After this comes the insulating layer, which is typically polyurethane (PUR) foam, specially designed to provide high insulation. The outermost layer is a protective jacket usually made out of steel or plastic. Depending on your piping needs, you may choose the exact type of carrier pipe, foam material and thickness and jacket material to satisfy your design and functional needs. Pipe supports can also be fitted outside of the pipe jacket to eliminate cold and heat bridges. Pre-insulated piping systems are highly resistant to salt and other damaging chemicals and substances. They are designed to be watertight so that pipe systems can easily be rinsed and washed for convenient maintenance.

About the Author
Perma-Pipe Inc. is well known largest manufacturer of pre-insulated piping systems for District Heating and Cooling in North America, and a Global Leader of Piping equipments. They provide services for District Heating and Cooling, Oil and Gas and leak detection systems. Visit their website to get more details.

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