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Juan Manuel Marquez Won The Fight

Nov 18th 2011 at 6:43 PM

Juan Manuel Marquez deserve better.  I witnessed a robbery live on PPV on November 12, 2011. It was the night Juan Manuel Marquez was robbed.


I feel bad for Marquez. The man put in so many months of hard work. Training and preparing for this fight. Coming up with a brilliant game plan to neutralize Manny Pacquaio's strengths. On November 12  Marquez executed his game plan to perfection, winning round after round, frustrating Manny Pacquiao all night.  It was a brilliant.


I was pleasantly surprised in Marquez's performance over Pacquiao because I did not give Marquez a chance to win this fight, fighting at 145 pounds.  I felt Bob Arum once again was taking advantage of a situation where he puts a man in front of Pacquiao to make Pacquaio look good.   You see the truth is when Floyd came back in 2009 and chose to make his first fight after a long lay off to be against Juan Manuel Marquez it was the first time that I thought Mayweather could lose. I have tremendous respect for Marquez. He is my second favorite boxer of this era. Floyd is first.   Marquez is similar to Floyd in smarts and defense.  The comparison ends there.  And when Marquez fought Floyd as a welterweight and loss bad, I said to myself Floyd is truly great and Marquez has no business fighting over 135 pounds ever again. But Marquez had different ideas and surprised all of us.  Juan Manuel Marquez came into his fight against Manny in great shape. Marquez's body look so good for this fight that Pacquiao's camp accused Marquez of taking steroids. LOL!  Marquez responded to this outrageous accusations by saying "I'll take a drug test, if Pacquiao is willing." LOL! I really like that.


As the final seconds ticked down to end the 12th round I was real nervous for Marquez.  Not because I thought he lost the fight or because I thought the fight was close, but because of  Shady Bob Arum, Paquaio's fame, and the so called super fight that is in the works between Floyd and Pacquiao. History has shown us that when a boxer is being groomed for a big payday, or a major fight, his opponents prior to the big fight never win when the outcome is to be decided by the judges.  So because of  this knowledge I was nervous for Marquez.  Michael Buffer reads the score on   the first score card and it reads 114-114??? At that very moment I knew that Marquez was seconds away from being screwed and he did get screwed in the worst way.  Ugh!


Marquez was robbed.  I watched the entire fight with my very own eyes and he won 10 out of 12 rounds by out-boxing and outclassing Manny Pacquiao all night.   It wasn't even close. Manny Pacquiao was exposed and had no answer to Juan Manuel Marquez's great defense.  You see Marquez actually dodges punches, and blocks punches, and moves his feet... go figure the men actually boxes in the ring.  It's not an all out brawl when your in the ring with Marquez and Pacquiao can't beat boxers with actual boxing skills. His flaws are exposed.


The fans let their displeasure know by showering the ring with booooos, popcorn and beer. Marquez in disgust stormed out of the ring to cheers and headed to his locker room without giving an interview. (who can blame him, he later gave one in the locker room) Pacquiao knew he lost the fight, Freddie Roach knew he lost the fight but I don't expect them to say "wait we loss give the victory to Marquez" Nope we don't live in that kind of world.   That was not happening. Pacquiao with his lack of english vocabulary just kept saying" it's clear that I won the fight" in his interview. .. Yeah right. It couldn't have been any more unclear Pacquiao.  You lost and the whole world knows it.


Bob Arum's shady ass is talking a 4th fight at the post fight press conference.  What a bad joke.  Why a rematch if it's clear that your boy won the fight? Everyone in Pac's camp talking rematch is weird. Since when do the winners want a rematch so bad?  Aren't the losers the ones who usually scream rematch?  Naaah no rematch is needed.  Marquez proved he is the better man.  A rematch proves nothing, Marquez already thinks he was robbed 3 times, why in the world would he put himself through this again?  No I want this grey cloud to hang over Pacquiao career for life.  And it will.  Pacquiao should come out and admit he loss, if he does that then and only then should Marquez think of giving Pacquiao a rematch.  And stop with all the excuses already Pacquiao, no one wants to hear about your leg cramps.  I swear, Pacquiao's camp always have an excuse for everything.


Marquez won the fight and is the better man.


David P



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