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J Pasley

Jun 15th 2012 at 6:56 AM

J Pasley

15 Jun 2012
Bio: J. Pasley is a singer, songwriter, and producer with audio engineering and arranging credits from an independently-run label, AVS Entertainment Music, LLC out of DeLand, Florida. AVS Entertainment Music, LLC began operating in 2011. J. Pasley’s music of choice is rich in neo-soul, R&B, and gospel elements that contain an inspirational, soothing, and spiritual component. As a skilled lyricist and excellent raconteur, J. Pasley paints pictures with words that make the music come alive with a heavy dose of sincerity, emotion, and authenticity. The creative music-making process and intense discipline required for undertaking a worthy endeavor stems from previous experience serving in the United States Army for four years, as well as a four-year stint as a firefighter EMT. A graduate of Daytona State College, J. Pasley switched from the world of firefighting and the military to the seemingly divergent world of music. The musical approach is rather rudimentary, but J. Pasley’s adept ability to create upbeat, urban grooves with jazzy, gospel, roots, and soulful influences without sacrificing quality is top-notch.

The smooth musical elements and nostalgic throwback to urban soul of the 1970s is encapsulated in the modern-day creations J. Pasley plays with in the studio and on-stage. The primary component that sets J. Pasley apart from other singers and performers is a commitment to creating music that is different and challenging: “I’m not trying to make the songs I hear on the radio…I feel the message is more important than the money.” To an extent, Dave Hollister, Anthony Hamilton, Ledise, and Jasmine Sullivan are only some of the inspirational musicians for J. Pasley. Coming-of-age as a musician in 2006, J. Pasley found time to pursue basketball as a hobby, which filled the void of any spare time available.

J. Pasley’s first, full-length release, Truth Be Told (AVS Entertainment Music, LLC, 2012), is a twenty-two song album with a mix of neo-soul, urban, jazz, gospel, and inspirational music. Truth Be Told is also the first album released on the AVS Entertainment Music, LLC label. The jaunty piano rhythms and laid-back beats of “Truth Be Told Intro,” “Decisions,” “Something About U,” and “Misery Loves Company” are only some of the stand-out songs contained throughout the impressive release. Additionally, the first half of the album contains several songs devoted to personal growth and relationships. This is evidenced by J. Pasley’s observational songwriting and emphasis on lyrical messages. The sultry, urban delights of many of the songs suggest a personal or intimate connection between the lyrics and the melody. “Heart Of A Champion” is a soulful anthem, while “Celabration,” “My Nerve,” “Lets Go Back,” “That Crab Mentality,” “Young Black And Misunderstood,” and “U Can Be Anything” are vivid reminders of past relationships, overcoming obstacles, and contemplating future outlooks on life. “Like A Woman” contains jazzy keyboards, soulful vocals, and light percussion engaging enough to spice up any evening. The pensive piano playing on “Heart Of A Champion” showcases J. Pasley’s vocal and groove talents throughout. The latter half of the album contains gospel organ and piano songs of Christian music with an urban groove, especially on “I Feel Good,” “Jesus Will,” “Lord U Ben There,” “Grace And Mercy,” “I’m Blessed,” “If I Die,” “Walken By Faith,” “The Best Is Yet 2 Come,” “The Blessing Biz,” and “Trying To Find My Way.” The result is a poignant examination of neo-soul’s basic foundation of urban grooves and a jazzy ambiance that accentuate J. Pasley’s inspirational message of peace, love, and harmony.

J. Pasley’s accolades for Truth Be Told are yet to be determined, but the initial consensus is far from ho-hum. A smattering of online videos over the past few years showcases J. Pasley’s video innovations and diverse abilities to increase musical exposure to a wide audience nationally and globally. Finally, J. Pasley cements a sincere and heartfelt commitment to music-making with a solo effort that provides a form of creative success. Truth Be Told is one way for J. Pasley to make it as a singer and songwriter on a professional level: “I want to support my family doing something I love to do.” Truth Be Told is available for download and CD formats at cdbaby.com, amazon.com, and other major web-stores.





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