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It's Here! No; It's Coming Soon! 2012, 2013,no; 2027!

Jun 7th 2011 at 6:04 PM

The End of the world is Nigh!

The end of the world is this weekend!

The end of the world is coming in November, 2012!

Armageddon is coming 2013!

It's all over by 2027!

Don't you wish sometimes people would make definite on their claims??

I 've read and heard it all!

Here's what I've read, online, over the last 2 years...

By  2013, NASA wants to Put Project Bluebeam into effect. If you've never heard of this, Google it!

A guy invented a system that could detect oil, etc from space, by sending back a resonating sound which identified exactly what he had been searching for, and found. NASA bought the invention from him, and turned it into a space weapon. Via a series of satellites orbiting the earth, causing a smokestream?. That could create a giant unseen, video screen, on which holographic images could be played and viewed by an unsuspecting world from the ground.

It would show in various countries worldwide, their religious deity coming on the clouds. Then they would be seen to all come together as one, by the entire world, and become the Christ. So all the religions are seen by people, as being one. Also telepathic messages would be heard inside their heads, (perhaps aloud too!?) along these lines;

"I am God! I am that I am, fall down and worship me!"

Some time later, the rapture would begin, and all would see others being lifted skyward into a UFO! This is part of the illusion!

NASA wants this put into effect by 2013! I believe 2012 will be a season of "climatic" changes, but  is cunningly being pushed as a means to scare you and  put you in fear of a coming catastrophe! Why do I doubt the claims it's the prophetic Doomsday?

Because we are supposed to freeze to death in the future, be hit by a rogue meteorite,one gigantic earthquake, Hell opens up and over runs the Earth, and so on! Unbelievable but true... Most Humans are proven weaklings and gullible, and easy to frighten into believing and submitting without question! Hence, Hitler vs the German peoples!

Have you ever stopped to think why are  world disaster movies played on a regular, scheduled basis on TV?

I watched a video of an ex-satanist (freemasonic) woman who escaped, and claimed that the Iluminati want their New World Order to be in effect by 2027!

Most evangelists today are being revealed as Satanic  freemasons of high degree,friends of the Pope, and nothing more than money mongers,scam artists,perverts, and child molester. They preach us a watered down version of GOD's truths, and false doctrines in order to attract,manipulate,and control the masses. Saturday Sabbatarians say they hold the truth. Sunday churches claim they are the truth. claim they are ALL wrong, and claim they are wrong and they alone are right!

Many state the King James Version of the Bible is the infallible word of GOD, and has no errors! Yet it has been proven, time and time again, that  it in part it has errors, deliberate editings, mistranslations, histories and maps, that don't match proven scientific discoveries and historical evidence!

Others claim the Koran is the unchanged words of GOD!

Yet these all supposedly originated from the Aramaic scriptures. Not the Greek used today!

I discovered many of the words claimed to be from the Greek, are actually Latin words, as attested in any valid, modern dictionary!

No wonder there will be a complete falling away, rejection of GOD's word and truths...

(By the way...Chrisitians, Jesus doesn't come back until after the great falling away and the s+$#%! really hits the fan!)

Every one is so confused as to what really is the truth, they think to hell with it!

What do you think?



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