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Aug 19th 2011 at 9:59 PM

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Lap Top Lifestyle


If you have been watching my videos you seen them filmed from places like Disneyland, Malibu, Santa Monica, Hollywood, La Cruze Mexico and others I truly live a lap top life style in which we want to help you do the same.

The author of the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" books says the small and medium sized businesses are the hardest to run because you pretty much do everything.

David of Answer Insurance stay at the office until 6-7pm almost every night. He has also told me he has not taken a vacation since the 1980's because he cannot afford to take a vacation.

If you work a job you might take a vacation but you may have to work 51 weeks to take a 1 week vacation does not seem fair does it.

If you talk with those in other countries they feel Americans are workaholics. I you lived in Europe you would take vacation every 3-4 months and then in August you would take a holiday where the entire content take the whole month off.

I suggest two things either you set up a system that works hard for you earning you money even if you are not working and or you make more money in less time this way to you spend that other time doing what you do best.

Lets look at business owners again when most people start a business they start a business to make a living there are others who start a business to get rich and then lastly business owners that have true freedom.

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Have you ever considered starting your own business?

Author: Chris Brown

Have you ever considered starting your own business?

Most of use have started off working for someone else then at 1 point we decide to go ahead and start our own business.

Perhaps we are tried of company politics, perhaps we feel feel can do a better job than the owner but for some reason we decided to start our own business.

Lets say you were a gardener working for a landscaping company. Then when you decide to start your own business you start a landscaping business.

Not because it was the smart thing to do but because that is what you know.

There are many types of businesses in the world. If you want consistent success there are certain things you must know.

The problem in starting to landscaping business is open up the Yellow Pages and see how many other landscaping business there are in your area.

Being a landscaper is not a high in demand service even though people use them and need them.

According to Dun & Bradstreet In December of 2008 there were over 38,000 businesses that went out of business. 

Now in every financial market some thing go up and other thing go down for example stock prices are dropping and Gold prices are sky rocketing last report Gold was up to $1,700 an oz.

The same is true in business during the latest biggest economic down fall since the great depression which occurred in the 1980's.

Bill Bartman started a business from his kitchen table and became a billionaire in only a few years.

He retired from that business until 2008 because he says hard financial times are the best times to achieve success in the that industry.

He goes on to say when things are good it is much hard to achieve success.

There are certain type of industries that you will have success in any market either in good time or in bad time as long as the business owner of those industries take time to learn marketing.

Abraham Maslow who was born in 1909 said that humans have emotional needs. Now when we build businesses to cater to those need we will automatically reach success in any business we will ever start.


See picture below Abraham Maslow hierarchic of human needs.

In a future issue we will talk about what all the world most successful business have in common and how you can use this information to have 100% success in any business you will ever start.

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Where have all the jobs gone?

Author: Chris Brown
Unless you have been living under a rock you have seen unemployment rates sky rocket which has caused fear in many people. Maybe you have wonder how are you going to provide for your family.

I want to set your mind at ease and let you know there are plenty of job out there you just have to know where to look and understand how to find work in today's economy.

In order to know what to do about you first have to understand why this is happening. Just in 1 month in early 2009 there were over 100,000 people who lost their job in that one single day.

Approximately 100 years ago we changed from an agricultural society to the industrial age society. You might remember that from school.

During this same time period around 100 years ago the vast majority of people owned their own businesses. Not as business owners as we know them today but independent contractors.

People were black smiths, farmers, shop owner....

The industrial revolution is the only time period when the fast majority of people worked for someone else.

So around 100 years ago we lived in a entrepreneur society then during the industrial revolution we changed into a employee centered society.

Where are we today? Today we are in the information age and our society is changing back into a entrepreneur society.

Last report show that there is over a 13% unemployment rate other reports show by 2014 they expect 40% of people to own their own businesses.

Now this does not mean you have to start your own business but this information will help you in finding a job in which we will discuss more in a future issue.

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Give Home Brewing a Try - You May Just End Up Being an Avid Home Brewer!

Author: Guy Ryerson

For anyone who has ever tried, you already know home brewing is great fun. Here's a little "quiz;" how many of you have sneaked a few of the old man's home brew? Luckily, the quiz is not being graded! Let's face it, you haven't lived until you've tried a home brew!

Show of hands - of all of you who have tried home brewing, how many times have you failed (ie. batch turned out "skunky", pot boiled over, etc.)? Through the blessings of modern technology, we now have access to the best brewing equipment and methods available. Additionally, current brewing equipment is much more practical and safer, too. Since the laws changed in the US, allowing individuals to act as their own home brewer, a multitude of equipment suppliers, both locally to you, and on the internet, have sprung up. The good news is there are so many, it has made brewing your own beer considerably cheaper in the last few years with no signs of slowing down.

In response to the current abysmal economy (can you say recession?), home brewing is not only practical from a financial point of view. It has also a considerable hobby for some. After you attain the right knowledge, it will lead to many years of making enjoyable beer at home. Brewing kits today are easy to use, as well as, offer excellent value, are easy to clean, and will last years. There are a great many forums and websites to give you a helping hand in selecting the right equipment, ingredients, recipes, and home brewing instruction. Making beer at home is also very cheap. Most brewing recipe kits are in the $20 US range, and yield approximately 2 and a half cases of beer (30-12 ounce bottles). If your wallet is feeling a little light due to the economy, and you like your beer, home brewing is definitely something to consider. I have friends who spend way too much money on a Friday night out at the local saloon. Some of those gentlemen would never consider becoming a home brewer, but for me, the economic benefits of making my own beer is too much to ignore. Plus, you will be able to put those empty bottles to good use, instead of spending hours at the recycling depot cashing them in!

Crafting your own home brew has is the most pleasurable part of brewing at home. Just make sure you do not add too much sugar! Trust me. I know. However, you do have the opportunity to tackle more advanced home brewing kits, and to select what ingredients which go into your home brew. Ever wondered what tomatoes, raisins, or watermelon tastes like in beer? The sky is the limit! You will only be held back by the limit of your own creativity while being a home brewer. Amaze and astound your friends with your own uniquely crafted beer. And, for all you single fellows, impress your dates by showing them you are a true renaissance man and brew your own beer! Plus, the alcohol level of your home brew is entirely under your control. Just don't make it too strong.

The final advantage of home brewing is you control the volume you can make. Now, don't get me wrong, there are federal limits as to amount of beer you can make, but in all honesty, you will never hit them. Please make sure to check with your local authorities as to how much beer you can make at home for your own consumption, and please, please, please, never sell your beer without a license (at least not in the US). I have stored as much as 10 cases at any one point in time. That is a lot of beer (unless you are having a party). Just imagine never having to buy beer again!

Guy Ryerson is an avid home brewer and publisher of I'm a Brewer, a website dedicated to fine art of home brewing beer. To learn more about this rewarding and exciting hobby, please visit us at You'll be calling yourself a home brewer in no time!


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Have you gone on diet after diet and nothing seems to work?

Author: Chris Brown

I was born with my fathera genes I have never had a weight problem. My mom on the other did I had always know he to be very over weight that is at least till I turned 25.

At that time I was really into health I was working out a lot trying to build muscle I had been taking some liquid minerals basically purified sea water. My mom started using them as well and with in 9 months she lost 75lbs.

It was not miracle diet she only got her body to perform better.

If you are into health and fitness you may have heard of Jennifer Nicole Lee. If not let me tell you about her.

As a kid growing up she was always over weight at age 30 and after giving birth to her 2nd child she weight 200lbs and finally decide to do something about her weight problem.

She lost 80lbs and entered a bikini contest against 19-20 girls and Jennifer won.

Below you will find a before and after picture of Jennifer.

If you would like to discover the secrets of what worked for her after years of trying to loss weight click here
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Money Saving Secrets of the Wealthy

Author: Chris Brown

There is a difference between being rich and being wealthy a wealthy person does not need to make a lot of money. A rich person does not the true defination of welath is how many days forward can you live without having to work again.

You may see the rich driving around in exotic cars, big fansty houses but if they are wealthy they spend less on the unimportant stuff food, soda, snacks, etc... and more on the more important things like realestae, cars, investments and vacations.

Where the poor and middle class spend more on the unimportant things and then they have no money for the important stuff.

There is something to be said about living a simple life. Give a child a couple toys they will be happy give a child 18 toys in there toy box they will be frustrated and unhappy the same is true for adults.

There an ower of a auto dealership in 2009 he did $900,00,000 in sales and that was a bad year. He sell $150,00-$200,000 cars but he drive around in a 1998 car which brand new would have cost him $30,000.

He lives in a moderatly simple house.

It does not matter how much you make what matter is how much you keep.

In future issue we will provde more tip to cut doewn on your expenses.

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Being Authentic Without Being Rude

Author: Catherine McFarlane-Noble

There may be times in our lives when we have to cope without any friends around. At first this can be unnerving and scary. It is also true that there are times when we wish our friends were not around intruding on our personal space. With the constraints of people watching our every move removed. The space to be our natural selves is uncluttered and pure.

Sudden awareness of self

If you are accustomed to having the regular company of friends in your day-to-day life. Then the unexpected absence of them can sometimes come as a shock. What you have taken for granted as the norm has suddenly changed. This does not mean that there is anything wrong.

When we share our activities with friends, our thoughts are occupied with many aspects of these interactions. However, in the absence of friends we are suddenly confronted with an awareness of our own self.

Understanding yourself

It is a normal practice to be self critical when you suddenly are confronted with thinking about yourself. Self criticism is only healthy if it moves beyond the criticism to a changed behavior. Don't let yourself get stuck in self-critical mode.

Each person has talents and strengths and unrealized potential. Projects or skills that we would like to have a go at but have not got around to or didn't have the confidence.

Freedom to choose

When we are presented with an opportunity of prime personal time. Such as when we don't have any friends around. This is the ideal time to explore something we always wanted to do.

The great thing about this timing is that there is no pressure from other people. Others are not judging what you are doing. You don't have to make a long-term commitment to the project, as you are just giving it a try. The pressure to do well at the project needs to be moderated by the realization that you are a novice in this new field of endeavor not yet a master. We all have to start from where we are.

Having to cope with not having friends around can be lonely and introspective time. Although unexpected it doesn't have to be a time to be endured. As individuals we can give ourselves permission to grab this unplanned opportunity and explore an aspect or our self. Open your inner self and let your energy flow joyful and unimpeded to your true self expression.

If you would like to have a free confidential chat about what is happening in your life. Contact Catherine at

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Your Life Plan

Author: Gary Wonning
Self Improvement

As we travel through life, we slowly begin to realize there is some sort of Grand Design to not only our life, but the lives of people around us. We slowly realize the final outcome of our life is largely determined by the decisions we make in our youth and maybe even earlier.

Later in life we continuously make decisions that shape and change our destiny.

Every thought, word and deed we commit has a great bearing on what we become. In spite of all this, there is even a greater influence on our lives, it's the Grand Design we all agree to before entering the earth existence.

This Grand Design is placed in play by not only the Grand Architect of the Universe, but it is also agreeable to by us before birth. This Grand Plan lays out our life and the path we need to follow for the highest level of growth and happiness. It isn't confining or restricting, it only exemplifies the least we can accomplish and still reach our goals.

It is not an iron clad agreement and we are free to change it at any time. However, when we struggle against our mission in life, we will never be happy or content, and we will find ourselves dissatisfied with life. This malcontent is often at the root of many of our frustrations and many times leads to alcoholism and various physical and emotional ailments that can lead to much personal tragedy in life.

Many times this Plan will push us past what we thought our physical and emotional limits are. Many times we will feel uncomfortable and not want to go on, this is the time we need to go outside the box and discover new areas of expertise and strength. That is part of the Grand Design.

We don't all have grandiose and great missions in life, perhaps yours is to assist someone else, or raise a child and provide a good home for a family. These life missions are just as important, if not more important than being a world leader. Many times our mission in life is to just enjoy life and enjoy the fruits of our labors from a previous existence.

Not every lifetime can be a earth shattering experience where we make huge contributions to society and mankind, sometimes we just need to chill out and enjoy the earth experience. The soul needs to experience every form of life to grow to it's highest potential and rejoin with the God Head.

Whatever your mission in life enjoy and take from it the knowledge you need to gain.

I have traversed the globe in search of truth, my truth, during which time I have had an opportunity to study with Aborigine elders, native American Indians, and some of the world's finest intuitive. All of this has lead me to better understand our world and all things therein contained. I have created a blog to share some of my adventures and knowledge as I see it. Please fell free to comment.

I am available for private consultation.

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Save Money By Taking A Cruise Vacation


Author: Lenore Rocamora

A cruise vacation offers great value because it is possible to visit multiple destinations and come back each day to stay in the same stateroom. There are no connecting flights and no worries about missing taxis and getting lost from your group when traveling aboard a luxury ship. Simply return to your accommodations and enjoy great food and music for an evening of relaxation and pleasure.

Mexico is an interesting country with many famous attractions that draw people from all reaches of the globe. Tour such exotic places as Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Manzanillo, then return to the ship to enjoy all the amenities onboard. You can take a swim in the pools, or enjoy a luxury spa for all the options and benefits, and then visit one of the physical fitness centers.

Alaska is a vast country where much of it is land locked and inaccessible by roads and one of the best ways to see its beauty is on a cruise ship. Enjoy watching whales as they play in front of a backdrop of tidal glaciers, and bald eagles soaring past as you stand on the balcony of your stateroom. This is one of the most physical cruises for shore excursion activities.

Mediterranean excursions allow you to check into your room only one time, and never have to pack and unpack for each destination. Enjoy no hassle dinner reservations and plenty of exciting evening entertainment. These floating resorts allow you to do as much as you wish, or stay on board and do as little as you wish. There are planned excursions at many ports for daily activities, but only those who wish to participate need leave the comfort of their stateroom.

Kauai, Maui and Oahu are a few of the ports to visit on the Hawaii cruise. Visit The Garden Isle where many of Hollywood's famous films were shot, and walk along the shore on the white sandy beaches lined with palm trees at Maui. Oahu is the gathering place with Waikiki Beach and the City of Honolulu as two of the destinations to enjoy off board.

When it is time to get away from the hectic life and enjoy time in exotic places there is no better value than booking your own stateroom on a cruise vacation. Make one connection, unpack only one time, and then choose which ports you really want to visit or stay on board to enjoy the elegant amenities, entertainment and physical activities.

Discover how you can save money by taking a cruise vacation, now. You can also find information about the best last-minute cruise deals at today.

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