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Is Your Roof In Dire Need Of A Cleaning?

May 9th 2015 at 4:05 AM

A regular cleaning can prolong the life of your roof. Having your roof professionally cleaned allows for your safety and the peace of mind that your home is functioning well.

Whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in your home several years, you all have one thing in common: a roof. Even though everyone who owns a home has a roof, whether it be asphalt, clay or wood, it doesn’t mean that they clean or service them regularly. This brings to mind the question: why should you have your roof cleaned?

There are many reasons why your roof most likely needs a good cleaning, the first being debris. Large trees, birds and wind can all be culprits of depositing debris on top of your roof. Not only is it unsightly, but, left untouched, debris can cause blockage to rain gutters, etc. that can lead to more damage on your roof and other areas of your home.

If you live in a more humid climate, mold can be a huge problem if your roof is not regularly maintained. Moisture trapped inside shingles and tiles can cause algae and mold to grow. This is both unhealthy to those in your home, but it can also cause greater problems, such as wood rot and decomposition. Algae growth is a hindrance to cooling your home as well because when shingles are covered with algae or moss, they retain heat and your home is unable to cool itself competently.

Both debris left on the roof and mold growth can cause staining and impairment. Besides the costs that this can incur, these problems can actually give your homeowners insurance company reason to cancel your policy. They look at doing this because having an unsafe, dirty roof can lead to many other problems in the home that the company simply does not want to cover.

Looking at these reasons to keeping a clean roof, it is very easy to see how important it is as a homeowner. Cleaning your roof also significantly aids in prolonging the usage of your shingles and tiles. When you have your roof regularly maintained, it can add as much as 15 years to its existing life! But how do you do it? Cleaning a roof can be both a daunting and unsafe task, which is why hiring professionals to do the job allows you the peace of mind that it’s done right.

As a homeowner, it’s important to get your roof cleaned at least every few years to keep it efficient. Find out more about power washing services in San Diego by visiting this page.

Author Bio:-

David has years of experience in both commercial and residential cleaning. You can find his thoughts at Livejournal blog.

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