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1 year ago

Is this a real social network?

Mar 2nd 2011 at 1:40 AM

Just curious...but is this a real social network or just a site to send all the scam messages and links etc that we can't post anywhere else? When I signed on to  IMfaceplate it was promoted as a place where I could brand my self and what I was into even if it was just a place to share recipes and pics of my grand far I haven't seen anything but marketing programs and link exchange programs.  This is just my little rant but to promote real legit  programs you need real people. For me to be sold I need to know and trust you. I don't see how anyone can get anywhere by just pushing the same stuff back and forth.  If I am wrong convince me otherwise. If I did see something someone was trying to sell and it interested me I would google it first anyway to see if it was legit...and if it was legit I would look up someone that I knew and trusted and see if they were promoting the same program and would hookup with them before joining someone that I didn't know. Anytime you post something here if the person is smart they are going to check it out first.  I'm new here and I am looking for real people with real things to share.  Promote your exchange programs that is cool...but at the same time we can promote things that go on in our every day life. Then it is believable.


Please to comment
Sep 23rd 2011 at 10:38 PM by kwinfo
LOL and yes, this article absolutely inspires and it ought to remind everyone to challenge themselves a little over the usual copying and pasting ads
Mar 16th 2011 at 1:54 PM by deewest
Hello .. sorry have not stopped by for awhile.. Been thinking about you and wondering what you have been up to.. so thought I would check your face plate. You must be getting those nice little messages in your private box huh? No matter where you to, I imagine that happens.. Don't let a few bad apples ruin your experience here though.. as the Big Majority the people are Great and are social ;) without jamming their ads in your face. I see you changed your picture. You look Great! What have you been up to? How is the weather where you live? Been in the 40's here and the SNOW is melting slowly but surely.. but .. not holding my breath for Spring yet! There will be a couple more snow storms before Spring really will hit here.. Take Care hon.. give me a shout.. Dee

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