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Interesting Features in Vintage Cars

Oct 24th 2015 at 4:32 AM

Older typically means obsolete. When you imagine vintage technology you think VSH/casset tapes, bricked sized cell phones and pagers. Vintage cars however were jam packed with some pretty cool features, some more advanced then you’d expect. Let’s do a little car inspection and explore some of the interesting features in vintages cars.

Dog Satchels

Dogs have liked sticking their heads out the window of cars ever since the invention of cars! In the 1930s dog sacks were invented to keep the dogs out of the vehicle but still allow them to come along for the ride. It’s easy to see why this invention didn’t last, it doesn’t look very safe for the four legged friend involved!

ID the Bad Drivers

Another idea car idea that came from Memphis, TN in the 1930s was to label the bad drivers on the road. Giving the bad drivers a sort of scarlet letter to warn other drivers to steer clear! The mark was a black skull license plate and drivers with traffic violations were required to use them. However, the labeling system didn’t stick.

Automatic Headlights

Lights that turn on automatically are a more recent feature in cars. However, the technology has been around since the 1960s. General Motors introduced the Twilight Sentinel which automatically turned on the head lamps in dark conditions. The technology was glitch and didn’t always work properly.

Built in Record Player

Before satellite radio, ipods and cassette tapes there were records. Records are not compact or incredibly portable but that didn’t stop Chrysler from inventing the in-car phonograph in the 1950s. These in car players sat beneath the radio and provided another option for passengers to enjoy music. The catalog for these players was limited and the music skipped when vehicle stumbled upon any uneven road.

Built in Mini Bar

Before safety laws, before drinking and driving rules it seemed like a great idea to have a built in mini bar right in the vehicle. “The designers also saw fit to throw in a stainless steel drinking set for the glove box, a cigarette dispenser, various vanity elements.” (source Jalopnik).

Automatic Seatbelts

There was a time that seat belts were considered a luxury feature in vehicles. During the 1970s car safety became a social issue. Early seatbelt designs were flawed due to their inconvenience. Passengers needed to slide into the seatbelts upon entering the vehicle. Most passengers chose to ignore them due to their lack of ease.

Car features have come a long way. If you are considering adding vintage car to your collection contact the Lemon Squad for a pre-purchase inspection!

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