Industrial powder coating for high finish and protection

Jul 8th 2015 at 4:39 AM

Metal parts manufacturers need powder coating service for which they rely on coating service providers. They have demand in bulk. A manufacturer supplies metal pieces in bulk for coating and the service provider has to take care of each piece.

The job starts with lining the metal pieces. Here it is necessary to mention that service is provided by automatic machines as it is quite difficult for individual coaters to coat a number of metal pieces in a day. But if the pieces are of different sizes then they are coated with hands. Industrial powder coating can be divided into manual and automatic system.

Manual coating process

Batch system or manual process is used for individual job work and for pieces of dissimilar sizes. For batch system, the service provider makes bays in the facility. Coating is done in bays that are kept moisture free. A coater takes a piece to a bay and prepares the piece for coating. But if the pieces are of same size and large in number then the service provider chooses automated system.

Automatic coating

As the name suggests, service is provided by machines. Machines prepare the pieces for coating and also it is machines that spray powder on the pieces. The machines take the pieces to incubators and also it is the machines that take the pieces out of incubators. Today automated coating has become a synonym to industrial powder coating.

For automated coating service, the service provider needs a large facility. Space is needed to place machines and also for lining metal pieces. It is only a big service provider that can provide automated coating facility. Small firms aren’t able to handle big projects. It is for this reason that manufacturers always visit facilities of their service providers.

Decorative finishing

If the need is of decorative finishing then the service provider choose batch system. First of all the piece in question is marked to show which part would get which color. A coater sprays powder according to the marked colors. It seems difficult but it is easier than using solvent based paint. Some industries need decorative industrial powder coating and they pay good price for decorative finish.

Powder coating is selected because it is the powder that provides the perfect finish. It is durable and affordable. It is affordable because it doesn’t go waste. The droppings can be collected and used again. But droppings of solvent based paint can’t be collected.

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