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Inappropriate Television Commercials

Sep 9th 2011 at 1:33 PM

I want to start off by saying that television commercials are not only for adults, but children too. That is why I am writing this article to explain what is defined as appropriate content that should be allowed on certain stations. I watch a lot of television ads and I view most of them as to be incoherent jibberish.

As for adults, (just as an example) your sitting around your home with some friends and a commercial for viagra (or any other erectile dysfunction) comes on. Now I know if men have this problem, they are going to seek help by way of a doctor, we do not need to be told of a product that we can find out elsewhere about. The internet right off hand comes to mind.

I have actually seen feminine deodorant spay ads on the cartoon network. I know that I am not the only one who finds this disturbing and disgusting. If we would just take the time to realize that almost half of americans who watch tv are children. We all complain about television being a big part of growing up and alot of our violence comes from what we let our kids watch.

I find that suitable commercials are enjoyable and entertaining, fun to watch and remember, but the ones about body oder, that time of the month or bob and his wonderful anatomy are embarrasing to hear about when your sitting around watching tv with your children. Can you tell me of one person that hasn't experienced that at least once in their lifetime.

Now comes the part of what we, as human beings, can do about this. We can write to our congressman, take out an ad in a newspaper or include your opinion on a website to let parents be aware of what is going on with television nowadays. As a parent myself, I can honestly say that at least half of all other parents do not really have the knowledge of what their children are watching and some don't even care.

Say you put it on a program that you know that has sufficient content, but what you don't know is what commercials they will be showing on that station. Certain ones should be on at a specific time and some shouldn't even be shown at all. So having said all that, is todays television appropriate for todays children, I think not, and I am sure that alot of adults and or parents will definitely thank you for letting me have this opportunity to let you be aware, and know of, what is going on in the world that we live in today...Thank You

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