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In Case of an Accident, Seasoned Baton Rouge Maritime Attorneys Are Neccessary

Feb 28th 2013 at 9:03 PM

A saavy Baton Rouge Maritime attorney understands the rights of US seamen to benefits if they have suffered a severe maritime injury. One pertinent federal laws protecting maritime workers is the Jones Act, which allows “recovery” to a particular class of persons, especially the seamen and fishermen on US commercial ships. For any Jones Act seaman or maritime workers aboard a US vessel travelling either the waters in the Gulf of Mexico or along the inland waterways of Louisiana, you may have legal rights to benefits under this federal maritime act. To be able to receive compensation as a seaman you must be a member (man or woman) of the crew of a ship or someone assigned to a US boat who spends at least 30% or more of their time aboard that vessel. Furthermore, the crewmember's duties must commit to the function of the boat. A number of the maritime jobs covered by the Jones Act include deckhand, crewmembers, deck engineer, cook, barge foreman, fishermen on commercial fishing boats such as shrimp and crab boats. The vessel’s captain and other officers also are guarded under the Jones Act’s provisions. Baton Rouge Maritime attorneys are aware that one of the most harmful places for seaman to work is on board an offshore oilrig. It's a good things that, many types of oil rigs such as jack-up rigs or semi-submersible rigs are considered as vessels thus allowing those rig workers protection under maritime law. A Baton Rouge Maritime attorney will clarify that the Jones Act even covers seamen's injuries that occur when marine vessels, such as barges or tugs are heading through a lock on one of Louisiana inland waterways. On top of that, certain injuries are covered that are not directly work-related. For example, if a seamen's injury occurs whilst living aboard the ship or while he/she is entering or leaving the vessel.

Considering that Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a hub for petrochemical production and manufacturing, the port of Baton Rouge has turned into into one of the greatest inland ports in the United States. It is the farthest inland port on the Mississippi River that can with hold oceangoing tankers and cargo boats. The marine shipping industry is essential to the Baton Rouge economy with deep draft ships transferring cargos of crude oil, automobiles, steel, ores, grain and containers to other sources of transportation such as rail, pipelines and barges for movement farther inland. It remains dangerous work even today, and marine vessel injuries are common. In addition to the deep draft container ships and cargo tankers, there are bulk carriers, vehicle carriers, liquid cargo barges, dry cargo barges, as well as lots of inland barges pushed by towboats and tug boats that employ maritime crew, who if severely injured should seek out an educated Baton Rouge Maritime lawyer.

Industrious maritime workers and dockworkers handle goods, equipment, and supplies that are important to the economic wellbeing of not only to the state of Louisiana, but also to many states within the US. When a maritime worker is gravely injured and hires a Baton Rouge Maritime lawyer, one issue the Baton Rouge Maritime attorney will investigate is whether the ship owner maintained the vessel adequately. Regardless, an un-seaworthy boat increases the risk of a serious accident. A lot of marine accidents stem from a vessel owner’s failure to provide a seaworthy vessel or an employer’s disregard for making safe working conditions and/or an adequately trained staff. The consequence of an equiptment can result in a serious injury or the wrongful death of a deckhand or crew from a fallen load. Vessel owners may be responsible for equipment failures that result in the un-seaworthiness of the ship. Savvy Baton Rouge maritime lawyers understand maritime accidents and know how to show the true causes of a severe accident such as an employer’s disregard for the well being of their crew.

Elaborate Jones Act cases are not unusual as any Baton Rouge maritime attorney can tell you. Because some maritime operations can include many companies with overlapping responsibilities for safety and supervision, it is essential, if you have been seriously injured, to find an experienced Baton Rouge Jones Act lawyer. A Baton Rouge Attorney must file within 3 yrs of an injury or the seaman’s rights cannot be exercised. The Jones Act aids those with damages that may include medical expenses, lost, present and future wages, and maintenance and cure. Do not be reluctant to contact Baton Rouge Maritime attorneys to discuss your case so they can help you decide what to do next.

The significant question is how to determine which Louisiana Maritime Attorneys will best litigate your case. Convenient access to the Internet makes it possible to learn qualified Baton Rouge Maritime Attorneys. You can believe in the responsibility of the law office of Gordon, Elias && Seely, L.L.P. to represent your maritime law case and receive your rightful compensation.

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