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Important Steps Towards Storing Firewood the Right Way

Nov 16th 2015 at 10:51 PM

Wood has been used over the centuries for many purposes but one of the uses that has remained over time is the use of wood for warmth. Everyone knows that there is some sort of primal appeal when it comes to burning firewood especially when you are feeling cold and need some warmth. In fact, in the cold winter months or in the colder seasons of the year, most people don’t have any other option but to burn some firewood if they want to stay warm and alive. In recent times, modern homes come fitted with all sorts of equipment to replace firewood as a source of heat when it is cold, However, these gadgets and fuel sources can sometimes be very expensive utilities to pay for. Whereas fire wood can be bulky, and cumbersome to store and handle, for many people it is the only and best option, as a source of heat in the cold weather conditions. Storing firewood doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Some basic tips and tricks to store firewood better can make your life a whole lot easier. Below are some techniques that you should know about if you want to store firewood the right way.

First of all, if you don’t have access to well-seasoned firewood already, you should buy some that is ready to store. If you live in a city like Perth, you can buy firewood in Perth and have it delivered to your home. Otherwise, if you live on a farm or in an area where you can grow your own firewood, then you need to first of all dry and season the green wood before you can think of storing it. In order to dry and season the wood, simply cut the wood into small manageable sizes and then stack them away from the direct elements but in a place where the wood can get some wind and good air circulation. In essence, you want the wood to remain as dry as possible but when you have access to some sunlight or some good air circulation or wind, this will help to cure the wood faster. The best place to store the wood at this stage will therefore be under a roof but in a shed that has good air flow or with exposed walls.

Once you have dried and seasoned the fire wood, or after you have purchased some Perth firewood for that matter, the next important step is to stack and store the firewood. Stack the wood on flat ground so that it remains sturdy on the ground and avoid stacking the wood higher than 4 feet high for additional stability. The wood should be stacked on a raised surface so that there is no direct contact with the ground. Furthermore, don’t stack the firewood too close to walls so that you can allow the wood to breathe. If you want to cover the firewood, cover it with tarp at the top but leave the sides exposed so at to allow circulation.

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